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Out of the Box Thinking


Out of the box

Collaboration of intrinsic value that causes differential between receive notion of real activity due to product is the second decision to induce psychosis virtual consistencies to refer to holographic control sequences placed internally by frequency sonar laser sonics mentally to have control over reactions thoughts cognition and memory recall the overall aspect of collaboration in the area of the distinct reality
The possibilities of a method of augmented reality to be complemented by the notion of holographic implementation of the augmented reality the interface between the two being the implementation of freestanding projected holograms
Collaboration of the time signature to the allocation of all of graphic application in to time zones into the mechanism of phobic so reversing the application of trauma that is induced after an incident or experience and removing psychological triggers.
The freedom of individualized conceptual thinking for a group exercise that involves creative constructive thinking without borders.

Reminder of the headgear aqualung concept on Pinterest
The resulting product should have (among others) a switch that converts the technology into a resuscitative mode, ridding the lungs and belly of water and replenishing the air supply in cases of water intake.
The system should work in the water as well as on land and reflect the position that the aqualung although portable can adjust a sequence to comply to resuscitative effort and induce by impulse heartbeat and brainwaves for reanimation and rejuvenation.

See Research
It would involve the computer software technology of a synchronized time machine formulating a plan to revive rain circuitry along with respiration and heartbeat. Stimulation by frequencies to brain waves and cardiology. Respiration adaptations and gradual dependence on technology as life support lessened as subject becomes more self supportive knowing where and when to implement for greatest probability of success key.

for example-lifesaving pumpkins

Happy Halloween!


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Inspired by the Invictus Games

Inspired by the Invictus Games An external life support system consisting of wiring sensors and computerized adaptation to H2O and the elements. A connectivity for soldiers who are subject to harsh climates or to biological and chemical warfare or have injury. The usage of the instrumentation to provide a cocoon of suspended animation feeding the body respiration cooling the body to sustain heartbeat and brain function and to lessen trauma by activation of fast working immunologies as part of the system would be an external immune system External immune system Exoskeleton Self assemble carbon building. Polymerization ( Operation Salamander) Respiration through generation of water supply ( condensation) Nutrition through supplementation with aide from water supply Inducement of deep sleep hibernation coma like suspension in biobag To maintain health through injury in the battlefield or in remote locations where weather is a factor life suspension and appropriate heat or cold to apply to a protected state over the anatomy.

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Coding the Build


Meaning of Build for software (or hardware ) to actually build manifestations projected onto and from a program instead of just robots building robots we now have an open forum.

The configuration of useful genetics for Epigenetic reproduction can be found within the affects of a photograph it’s biological components representing a moment in time making it a historical object.
Taking that history and applying the method of Biological Film to augment and virtualized images with the eventual intention of animation to reality is observed in this theoretical application.


Imagine if you could take non invasively a particle sample from anatomy and from that deduce whether a cancer is malignant or benign. Then with accurate precision formulate a plan for the methodological destruction of the cancer its genetic components and its prevention of future reoccurrences.
The planning of the repair and preventative genetics would be Epigenetic modifications of genes and the subsequent manufacture of consistencies in stem cells that constitute homeostatic manifestations for health along with that proper microscopic criteria and configurations for the proliferation of healthy molecular cellular and genetic configurations.


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
In computers there’s programs called augmented reality the objective is to take that application and applying self assembly polymerization carbon bonding stem cells elements and helium to raise the efforts of adaptive inclusion of Arabidopsis Thaliana in the reconstruction of living regenerative biology
The aspect of a synthetic being being able to travel in a virtual time machine building needed transfer stations within a timeline for teleportation

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The research proposed would encompass a wide range of possibilities seeing that on Aha! The proposal is multifaceted to align with Github and Data-dog the results from communications on POGOE and the applications on Fedora RedHat and pages and groups on Facebook the application on twitter as well as LinkedIn and WordPress.and the details of which encompass areas of counterterrorism anti crime safety concepts and new concepts mathematics law medicine which ties into Epigenetics research and computational neuroscience as well as programming and coding

Computational Neuroscience
A concept which relates to the functional intelligence of computers and the corresponding findings of search criteria according to priority
The distinct function mathematically that correlates the known correct variable for a correct answer as related to a particular field of science and so corresponds the result to accompanying collaborative sciences resulting in all correct terminology phraseology and answers as well as information according to AI
For Example the word Hematology
Correct physiology
Correct pathology
Correct epidemiology
Correct anatomy of circulatory system
Correct answers to questions
Correct glossary
Correct bibliography
Selection of appropriate books journals articles
Visual Biology and video library

Epigenetic’s the distinct correlation of methodology in superfamilies with respect to methylation and un methylation in the aspect of body chemistry and external microbes and the subsequent environment given as an example at nighttime with fluorescence of (see Stealth) representing features of glow in the dark chemistry not puppetry but real to life configurations of chemical relationships with respect to the fact that biology was derived from chemistry in the process of evolution bringing about changes in the deep water of fluorescence in bottom dwellers brightly coloured reef fish and sea anemones the creation of an element of discovery in relationship to chemical composition counteraction of chemical warfare in a party-like atmosphere nighttime being the catalyst for the mix of platforms related to inert gases prep for respiration and lung capacity with safe interaction.

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Life support through Resuscitation

The recovery time for patients adjusted to the newly designed theme of a supportive mini environment which can control and support body functions that exhibit life giving force. The fundamentals of having the support for such a time until the patient is able to survive independently without going into shock from their trauma.

so the timed response the long wait for independence also the correct hook up for support leading to recovery and quality of life.

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Conceptual Research techniques 8/7/2016

The creation of a resuscitation technique derived from the specialized photography allowing for DNA magnification photonic integration pixel realization and reproductive biology techniques in regenerative biology scaffold building self-assembly polymerization techniques reanimation of images and techniques associated with time travel placing a photon in current time transferring it over date lines to be reproduced at a moment in time in hours forward or reverse according to placement sameness of luminosity and consistency and overall affect.
Or placing a Qubit in a photonics hologram that encompasses a given area with the adaptation of adding a material element solid liquid or gas and transferring through methods of speeded up search engine interface to a speed less than zero seconds to collaborate with Pi and wormhole integration represented by hyperbolas to produce an effect on the movement of the second hand on a clock within a holographic implementation of a virtual reality construct augmented reality infused to instil the notion of suspended animation supportive to life forms with speeded up integration of DNA and RNA representation of coordination in realtime translation because of the effect of the speeded up holographic time interface.
So the implementation of mathematical formulas to predict Eternity and what effects it represents on the physical body as well as mentality the proper correlation to mathematical formulae and equations in problem solving in a quantum reality of teleportation.
With that the effect of having a reverse time integration for non invasive investigation techniques.

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