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 Google -"The healing power of mangoes"-lupeol               -"Mangosteen fruit"-xanthones                 – "Mango tree bark"-vimang

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Todays search

pq 101 alpha- tumor necrosis factor pq101 acids- lysosomes/ natural food antimicrobial systems by a.s.naidu blood brain barrier- permits molecule transport lysosomes labilizors and tumors- anti cancer effects-potential for clinical use

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With the note to visuals- the combination of the C.R.I.M.S.O.N. delivery system and the lab on a chip could be a monitoring sytem that regulates internal activity as well as diagnosis reporting latest developments as well as complications connected through microscopic … Continue reading

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See lectures-Forte

Another method of particle delivery to the brain is through the top of the  throat by microscopic endoscope and drug delivery system, it could be monitored by  functional MRI, tomography imaging and be minimally invasive (if fibre optics are used or micro-nanotubes) … Continue reading

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For: To be projected- Holographic light embedded inside of crystal structures-motivation capilization distribution and management(microscopic) synthetic organic inorganic natural chemical etc.  The techniques of the inner applications of holograms may be more advanced as the technology of medical holography has changed over the years as … Continue reading

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Talking about YouTube – 3D Monitor

  Quote YouTube – 3D Monitor 

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Talking about YouTube – Femto Laser

  Quote YouTube – Femto Laser 

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