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 To embody: the frequency of reference to the microscopic arena with the entailment of antibodies and the creation by DNA RNA chromosomes splicing reconstruction repair and sequencing to the management of viruses such as cancer and HIV with the determination of the results being the manufacture of synthetic natrural organic inorganic et al strands that are compatible to cellular structure and have function in a healing capacity. the ability here to learn about the structure of a single genetic inference to a disease locate it find its functional capabilities and contain its properties transfer rna messenger rna etc protien synthesis and the relationship between recognizing healthy cells from cancer cells (antigens) the acknowledgements that follow to recognize the procedures that would take place having a hologram in 3D envelop the needed areas or in vitro in vivo and treat by particle induction the addition of various techniques in medicine and the introduction to chemical processes the dilemma as it would be the hologram interactive controlled and versitile with methods of interconnectivity given by computer control commanding such inferences as antiseptic  anasthetic and positioning collection of fluids and management of laser and robotics for surgeries mathimatical, algorithms etc..In addition the regenerative techniques should be applied along with the restoration and implementations needed for overall recovery and rehabilitation. see File0016.pdf. in science1 to oversee the linkage between the bubbles the holograms and the robotics with implementation to oversee the mathematical implementation that would be part of the calculations to have the needed formulations the chemistry and the chemical additives the pharmacology the medical expertise and the know how to access and manage vital and related organs organisms and cells DNA RNA and chromosomes to have in place the needed characteristics to circumvent and attain the natural realm of microscopic conduct and to utilize the framework for scientific formulas and mathematical algorithms to adapt to various stimuli in the mechanics of the equipment to adjust and make steady to predict and have predetermination to have forsight and accountability.

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ASHWORTH MEDICINE-Professional Medical Assisting, Doctor of Science,Legal Assistant Diploma BSc Criminal Justice PhD Computational Neuroscience MD DSC Epigenetics
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