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Where targeted and precise antibodies are manufactured to prevent genetic misinterpretation. mRNA becomes inactivated. Oligonucleotide.Therapy for a wide range of diseases including cancer

Scientific Question

Related to overall attempt at solving the dilemma of disease states if noted to be a intregal part what other genetic interpretations can be listed as its allies in the fight to counteract disease?

The attempt at an answer involves looking at the overall picture there are many diseases many combinations of medical expertise and many attempts at different types of medicine homeopathy alternative medicine pharmacology etc the resolving of the components would rely on the compatibility within the cure the signalling the communication and the intelligence of the nanomedicine to counteract change and dissapate when needed the results being given from genetic management of splicing repair reconstruction regeneration and sequencing DNA RNA mRNA tRNA the phosphates sugars nucleotides and the bases the combinations of treatments and the overall collaberation of creating the ultimate strand of DNA, giving in to the compromise that there can be immunity as well as cure and the involvement of providing subsequant tools for the examination and discovery of novel and new connections behaviors and co existence in the processes of microscopic criteria.


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