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HIV study continued….

The posting of video confirmations with a link to Dr. Kang’s video at Western was done  to calculations document further documentation can be found on this website at ational institutes of health and at ashworthmedicine@blogspot at AIDS document linked by key words … Continue reading

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Crocodile serum Alligator serum

The promising effects of both reptiles immune systems being vigilant against disease the crocodile serum may have to be adjusted for human consumption both have a healing effect on staphylococcus aureus Related articles Featured Project: Mysteries of a Prehistoric Affair (

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Synthetic Robotic Sensors in Computerized Mannequins

Mannequins of all types human animal plant with sensors to tell of internal processes techniques and procedures state of health in mind and body and at times emotional state The functions of he sensors are to tell what is deemed … Continue reading

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File0086 The addition of chemical formulas mathematical equations and scientific calculations to enforce the mechanisms which enhance conceptual and experimental theoryMath formulas equations algorithms leading to statistics graphing pie charts etc. the systematic approach to calculations leading the research … Continue reading

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