HIV study continued….

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The posting of video confirmations with a link to Dr. Kang’s video at Western was done  to calculations document further documentation can be found on this website at ational institutes of health and at ashworthmedicine@blogspot at AIDS document linked by key words it is said that it is the only lab in Canada doing “kill the whole virus” research

The combinations of methods are endless in finding out what works best with the prophylactic vaccine in individuals, so the various techniques in preparation the Nanotechnology involved in the administration of microscopic particles to defeat the virus by apoptosis antibodies and  destruction of it can be numerous.

The techniques used to identify diagnose and relay information about HIV/ AIDS is world wide so there may be many adaptations to one document or methods that are different.

The imporatance of personalized treatment individualized care the formation of honing the characteristics of epigenetics to the constituents od DNA RNA to better forsee and affect the outcomes of treatment of patients the distictions of if the prophylactic vaccine is proven to be effective  in a percentage it should be considered  to have the patients  microscopic individuality looked at with all medical and theoretical aspects of care being examined to produce the desired effect.

There can be many variations of the documentation as there are many ways and methods of apoptosis and antibodies and antigens as there are patients who would depend on personalized medicine to round off the treatments.

The Nanotechnology used can be comprised of all known effective treatments and medications antigens antibodies apoptosis methods and the list goes on… To  finally subject a sample of the patients criteria to researching what is effective against infection.


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