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Good for businesses/countries as investments for the future…..

Perhaps a planet for a specific reason,fishing or recreation forestry or specific manufacturing vacations or animal habitats farming storage or mining living arrangements or robotics.Water systems etc. Transporatation of people animals etc. transportation of goods also refrigeration Technological advancements will … Continue reading

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new software to join technologies

Scanning capabilities  to scan earth the universe and beyond  to reach the firmament of heaven to look for microscopic and infinitesimal forms of life and conceptual diagrams of intellect communication and intelligence. Programming capabilities to intelock the technologies of microscopes … Continue reading

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Regeneration…. repair…. recovery

With the stem cells, the procedure is to find how they differentiate between healthy and diseased cells for proliferation, perhaps combining the stem cells that are going to be used with only the antibody rich cells or the cells carrying … Continue reading

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Creating the right template for the organization of the cellular levels The main function is the partial apoptosis of the cell carrying unwanted cells and the revitilization and recovery of current cells in the body due to radiation and drug … Continue reading

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For PMH….

The manifestation of having methods of care ,providing alternatives for the treatment of ailments  to confer that the necessary procedures would be the destruction and dissapation of tumors and the prevention of metastisis. In which case the  implementation of treatment … Continue reading

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Concept: the factory …continued

The issue being, the interface between the sciences having function in the realm of continuity and precise format the challenge to create the mathematical equivilent of information with the physics formulas and design of machinery taking precedence and the chemical … Continue reading

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Concept:The factory for nanomedicine pharmacodynamics

Take the table of elements for example instead of the elements build on it and place each individual constituent of a healing resource for cancer in its indiividual space calibrating so each is interactive of each other and has function … Continue reading

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