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New Ideas…. continued from Nov 2011

The addition and multiplication of a non volatile virus to encomass the realms of  active recombinant therapy along with partial compisitions of antigen antibody and prophylactic along with mutated strain  common virus and lab engineered prototypes of synthetic DNA RNA  … Continue reading

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Synthetic Robotic Sensors in Computerized Mannequins continued….

The mannequins would be connected  at times to biologically based chemical and organic concentrations alongside the realm of nanotechnology nano medicine and molecular engineering.  The mannequins would be connected to live specimens by means of quantum translation as the biological … Continue reading

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New base- rotational placeable

Flat circular wide  phonograph record like floating aircraft base with programmed rotation to  accomodate helicopter and plane spacecraft landings and takeoffs; automatic programmed magnetic lock and release built into Air Hog and also scale models and hand held. Can travel as a hovercraftAlso moon base Lego … Continue reading

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New posting

The constituents of medicine in combination with mathematical precision to align themselves with holograms and eventually particle theorums to encompass the realm of quantum sciences Each individual step along the way must be checked for accuracy the inspections not only … Continue reading

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Here’s a chance to ask questions make comments see who etc..

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Hurricanes…. tornadoes…

After the destruction there has to be clarity about whether a computerized search of different areas would be in order, the concept here being the building and storage of emergency towers for internet and cellular communications from specially powered communications … Continue reading

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From google…..

Concepts- algorithms for regeneration etc signalling communication….programming (for holograms documents)following patterns different outputs changing holograms looking at life of cells of DNA of stem cells of brain activity of blood cells of organs of life history of reproduction of plasma … Continue reading

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