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Concepts for Stand Up To Cancer….

We surmise that the existing technology or the technology to be built would enable the researcher to see an exploded view in 3D of the cancer tumor or affected areas by cancer or even a whole body scan. The existant … Continue reading

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A three dimensional structural model of H2O for example all in a chemistry workspace for the modelling and calculations of epigenetics. DNA RNA etc elements protiens fats lipids phosphorus sugars all interactive with building structures of organelles and animating them, … Continue reading

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Suggestions for course of action

Suggested Concepts;1 A K-9 that can follow the trace evidence of gunshot residue by following an invisible trail by sense of smell. 2 A computerized tracking device that shows a complete trail of lineage from the initial gunshot fired to … Continue reading

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Continued Research…

Points to ponder The adaptation of new and abstract methods of control over what is precieved to be pre cancerous tissue or beginnings The look at the ¬†epi genetics of the ailment the determination factors in how the disease is … Continue reading

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