Researching HIV….

AIDS Awareness

AIDS Awareness (Photo credit: sassy mom)

HIV cont,

Suggesting  usage of  a combination of concepts to oversee the commitment of curbing tendencies in the  HIV virus….

The manifestation of acknowledgement of the biology

The understanding that it should be reverse engineered

The application of cancelling out each phase of he biology.

\The adaptation of anti retroviral drugs

The proposal to take each individual component and examine it

The realization that different approaches to each scenario must be attained

The combination of approaches due to methodology equipment theory

The mixture of a compound of medicines, pharmacology, herbal, homeopathy)

The addition of synthetics naturally occurring metallic and organic as well as inorganic

The application of the elements compounds and possibilities through experimentation

The applications of chemistry biology and math and physics and offshoots of them

Converging fields to formulate changes and catalysts as well as new techniques available

DNA replication splicing reconstruction reanimation and sequencing

All known experiments relevant for cellular molecular and genetic components

Proteins sugars phosphates bases amino acids fats epi-genetics

Translation messenger RNA traits and mechanisms

Signalling communication; chemistry of microscopic components criteria and methods

The effect n anatomy the biological changes symptoms and outcomes

Prophylaxis preventative medicines and therapies

Treatment of flu like symptoms body pain and general malaise

Brain chemistry pathology networking and function- treatment

Equipment machines apparatus and gear safety and precautions in handling

Stem cells and their relevant applications experiments usage composition range

Nanotechnology nano-medicine molecular and 3D imaging photonics

Holograms robotics artificial intelligence computer programming

Organization management and funding research and development

Clinical trials clinical research techniques doctorate papers- authenticity

Options avenues for change alternatives directions observations


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