Triangulation continued

Triangulation in the form of microscopic right. But I’ve made of this is the cytoplasm the microtubules the Golby apparatus to have form and function with the nuclei be strengthened by the power system that is translated by train drive safe and chronic mapping the Pythagorean theorem to create a magnetic interface between the brain and the body chemistry that is determined by sensors placed holographic material and enter the cell structure such as mitochondria strengthen it thereby providing power through Anglicization to the mitochondria increasing strength increasing household mitochondria and enforcing cell organelle The added enforcement of idealization for the blood cells to proliferate to become unified with white blood cells red blood cells white blood cells unified to formulate matters homeostasis in the body the creation of regularization also it even push for power systems to triangulate microscopic ourselves for nano technology informer microscopic entities such as power systems pulleys and Levers and energy that engines and details of inner workings of combinations that enable nanotechnology to function within microscopic means the distinction of formulating within our system a means of regulating energies to create the correct scenario for mitochondrial development in development and change the proper processes or termination of strengths energies and the muscle longevity and usage the appropriate means for the functioning of means of analysis of means of productivity of means of scanning to result in the overall aspect of whereabouts combinations what it be observed status is contrived and the distinction with patterns it has as well as the similarities
Triangulization in the format for magnetic interference to bring systems to systems of management of body systems to the inference to brain patterns to technology 20 programming to neuroscience to the memory system of the brain to the activation of brain cells to the proper management and control of brain systems the Overall aspect of providing an electrical substitute for the matters that go on in the body a practical solution for the connections of whether not a particle can be transferred from one area to another country triangulation if it will become informed to geometrical specifications when it is transferred and be utilized as a mathematical formula a physics formula or in a machine format of equipment format to create a quick scenario for healing process is to take place or whatever venue is necessary construction oil fisheries and oceans the adaptation of businesses of education of the études it matter of creating the quick scenario for the holographic element to take place the correct tools of calligraphy and the application that would be appropriate for the means to take place be distinct matter of calculation of the approach to great systems lead noninvasive method of surgeries the approach to controlling brain systems through magnetism and Through the input from frangula station utilizing the power system utilizing the grid the angles of triangles and the chronic mapping involved to formulate and triangulate positioning within the brain to enforce mechanisms of thought perception education team sequences guidance of habit-forming consistencies and be cognizant of the material pathways and the damage if any to any part of the brain that should be repaired by the brain’s plasticity the creation of the distinguishing of trying dualization for the purpose of creating a contribution to the element of success in managing brain systems and brain surgeries in rehabilitative medicine in the mood and movement disorders within diseases within viruses within the realm of physiotherapy chiropractic medicine of neurosurgery of the creation of a rehabilitative state

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