Real power suits

English: A power station in Kyrgyzstan

English: A power station in Kyrgyzstan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Adaptation of lightweight clothing which translates body movement  to energy exercise into transmitting a power source a force a measurement of energies the transfer of movement of reflex action of body control of flexibility of the combination of yoga exercise jogging walking running be lifting weights be sports the basketball football hockey rugby all the energy sources all the traits of movement transferred to an energy packet or energy source to be relayed as electricity or related as a force needed to complete the sequence of events the combined strength of the nation should be enough to power enriches the four number of years the combined attributes of wearing a special suit to power ones home to power ones car to power every house on your block to power the neighborhood the frequency of exercise and consistency of movement over. 24 hours would encompass the utilization of saving power and supplying power with the allocation that the Power suits only collect and give power cannot be reversed to make the suit become electrified and only stores the energy and transmits it to the power-station


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