Nasa next generation rockets cancer fighting

Plastic Petri dish

Plastic Petri dish (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The decision to involve rocket ships for the transportation of cancer cells on slides into deep space for monitoring and treatment with the properties of asteroids and specialized pharmacology herbs nano medicine and vitamins minerals homeopathy and genetics concentrated Robotic implementation interstage inner capsules rockets multifaceted with carrying payload capability for slides and samples for petri dishes and information video and computer calculations of area distance time one long-term engine management self-assembly self repair self-actualizing equipment storage and placement of slides in petri dishes return to earth policy for inner stage capsules laden with information videos samples and possible in vitro treatments programming and computerization of the capsules for the robotic implementation of calculating the methodology and the operations of the microscope and onboard equipment which will consolidate and confirm and working cohesion with cooperative effort towards the collaboration which is needed to perform correctly the sequence of events which leads to the capture and examination of phenomena which are effective in the fight against cancer and other related diseases Service by Canada arm and Dexter make petri dishes strong enough consistency with plastic and sealed for protection upon reentry and take off about implementation will unseal petri dishes that the experiment and reseal them according to sequence need and availability Scientific camera relay of information and computerized information back to earth real time delayed time and recorded time for implementation of examination by officials doctors and technologies holographic implementation of quantum mechanics quantum computing and for topics the photon itself being used as a translation device for the protection from space debris for the transforming of one instance to another transportation teleportation energy light wavelength mixing sequences sonar


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