Healing and the instrumentation throughout the body

Frickin' LASERs!

Frickin’ LASERs! (Photo credit: P^2 – Paul)

Take a video camera videorecorder a video machine and record the tape machine and record the area of concern make sure the implementation of 3-D visualization is on the camera itself The video player being able to move to all areas of the room not just a two-dimensional picture but a three-dimensional movable picture with angles all around the application of laser light healing light healing medical laser light Carobet medium and the holographic imaging of timing placing that light at any time during the recording of the needed application and revealing within that structure is timing of circumstance a relay of laser light to the needed area of concern and the healing effect of that laser along with the hologram to use as a tool to mark the positive influence on the health of a individual be application of looking at me direction of the picture itself with the holographic imaging relaying the details and description of the body or person involved and the overall imagery to review MRI picture or x-ray picture of the internal mechanisms of the body or system being analyzed the infiltration of lives are late the actual application be magnification of the internal mechanisms of the laser light and the application of the proper influx to the delegation of looking at the microscope for relationship of laser to cells in the body killing cancer cells rejuvenating healthy cells reducing the effect of brain cancer drinking tumors dissipating tumors dissolving tumors the application of the dissipation of tumours throughout the body and brain The application of the control box the delegation of controls of sonar of management of Glaser of control of being love direction of being loved body chemistry and the application to the microscopic a microscope with relationship to the cancer and the proper wavelength or radiowave needed in this application to produce any of the outcome in the use of the laser and the collaboration of the hologram the application of having a handheld device to operate the laser the remote to the application of the programming the application of the computerized programming the best of Abex involved and the wiring and electronics be computerization the building of the concept and the overall overseeing of the relevance of the size of the concept the size of the office the size of the lab the overall aspect of looking at time as a factor The application of utilizing a visual aid such as the TV set for visual representation of the collaboration between the camera filming the object or body and the laser emitting a holographic sequence the combination of the two on the visual screen related to the computer by a interface between the computer and the TV set The computer then analyzing and displaying descriptive commentary on the affect of the body and the hologram in a computerized display with the fact of the microscope on me cancer cell being be implementation to add to the visual display and the overall effect of finding out what the extremities mutations metastasis and collaboration of the cancer within Matsell as applied to holographic imaging of the laser and the display of the body systems on TV with respect to be imaging and the x-ray potential of the overall effect of healing and the effect of instrumentation applied throughout the body The application of having that computer connected to special software that analyzes body systems the season tuna mechanisms that gives displays and descriptions of in a workings that can change be animated and have function and format throughout the process of the analysis the diagnosis the pathology the physiology and the consequence of the experimentation The application of self-assembly we construction leave a Gratian healing repair and self actualization the production of a 3-D printer the application of holographic to instrument a 3-D printer holographic 3-D printer the application of particles of the influx of automated building


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