What kind of math

English: Hexagonal crystal structure (detail f...

English: Hexagonal crystal structure (detail for mathematical proof). Français : Illustration pour un détail technique d’une preuve sur le réseau hexagonal en dimension 3. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The idea of what type of Math would have to be acknowledging in order to produce a new concept daily to present the barriers of what is already there and produce a new and viable source of information that is crucial to the treatment immediately or in the future of people or persons global and otherwise individuals that are brought to your attention daily by news coverage by webcast by webinar and to find the direction and detail to create within frameworks of medical and scientific expertise the correct scenario or an alternate route that provides options to relief to aid to transmit prescribed and to admit to certain positive attributes being present The correlation of the articles with the intent to heal the approach to mathematics it it’s definitely tail looking at the adaptation of what type of mathematics would have to be in order for the creation of a new and viable idea be positive mental framework the flow of the chemistry throughout the brain the other patient to circumstance The creation of possibilities be look at the proof mathematical proof of the prototype or idea being formed the concept denaturalized and the idea being relayed and put on paper with the details and the reliability of the person due to past circumstances future endeavors and the immediate present


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