Natures mechanisms transferred to human technology

Technology Map - Tutornet

Technology Map – Tutornet (Photo credit: steven w)

What if the mechanism that the split photon uses to duplicate matter or duplicate information or duplicate sound within it’s environment from the other sprit Atom or photon is utilized as a camera mechanism or a recording mechanism or a mechanical device but if the mechanism that causes the changes in the split particle is a technological device or is attached to a technological device always observed by technological device or is manufactured into a technological device what if we could harness the power of that split particle what would he be able to do with those properties that transfer information sound anatomic matter from one place to another in the split-second the potential for transfer of energy‘s or elemental Matter from one place to another in a gaseous state or the possibilities of transferring matter itself transferring sound teleportation in the realm of understanding over given distance the transfer of information matter sound the transfer of collaborations of science and experiments over give a distance transfer of microscopic criteria due to lab experiments the transfer of latent non virile viruses bacteria and other individual items for slides of microscopic observation and the technological boom of having a transfer of information not traveled the roadways or the regular route of trains planes and automobiles but rather a simple transfer of information through time across vast distances


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