Teleportation and resuscitation

Crystal structure of parallel quadruplexes fro...

Crystal structure of parallel quadruplexes from human telomeric DNA. The DNA strand (blue) circles the bases that stack together in the center around three co-ordinated metal ions (green). Produced from NDB ID: UD0017 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is the effect of mixing resuscitation a reinvigoration are revitalization reanimation of DNA and body tissue brain activity and restarting and revitalizing final organs reconfigurations regeneration of tissue and organs and The text of transferring through time or through a series of intrinsic movements teleportation the idea of transferring information sound manner one area to another including the transfer of DNA telomeres substances which microscopic and have bearing on The outcome of major surgeries resuscitation revitalization and restructuring repair and reconfiguration of DNA RNA chromosomes and to that end the construction of brain tissue the sign-ups as of neurons the compatibility of ATP and AVP of the body of the overall structure which creates the correct scenario for rejuvenation reinvigoration of reanimated tissue and cells The idea but the teleportation would have in essence a transfer of substances through means of chemical properties signaling and communication transfer veggies cloning the effect of time and transfer of molecules and be appreciative and appropriate means of collaboration in these areas which would it turn introduce methods of healing of self-assembly of self healing of introduced healing of proper methods of methodology and of physiology which would in turn reduce a healing effect


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