New additions to military G I Joe implementation

PARWAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan-A Soldier attache...

PARWAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan-A Soldier attached to Task Force Cyclone, 1st Lt. Sam Drzewianowski, 1st Platoon leader, 82nd Airborne Division, Special Troops Battalion, explains details of how set up and man traffic control points and prepare to search individuals and vehicles in Sayed Kheil, Parwan, Afghanistan, Sept. 28. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. William E. Henry, Task Force Cyclone Public Affairs) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Canadian Army soldiers from the Royal 22 e Rég...

Canadian Army soldiers from the Royal 22 e Régiment during UNITAS Gold (April 25, 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  • Watch as Army laser takes out mortar rounds, drones (video) ( implementation of a promotion to general for each individual soldier in the army due to the fact that they will have control over at least four different areas of  androids that are deployed for reconnaissance reasons the adaptation of drones flying ground robotic and rescue and the adaptation of drone tanks robotized aircraft control helicopters remote-control robots in the field the deployment of a drone and robotic army the allocation of storage of the army The adaptation of secret locations for bases for computer-controlled bases the adaptation of consoles for computer control the adaptation of delegated buildings or spots for the adaptation of synchronicity and unity in deployment and the evocation of the investigation of units called  repair bots by individuals investigators that fly out on jets on helicopters play in vehicles to prepare an assist the allocation of a droid army the allocation of having the human soldier stay at home to avoid the added stress of waiting to battle medication is offered and requested to assist with the stress and dangers of going into life battle that dangers and the added stress on family and friends the Noted danger the adaptation of having the surgery at home to adapt to a lifestyle of electronics and electrician training computer training to assist with disasters to assist with implementations in the police force and task force to assist with the additional need for more soldiers in the army The genetics at home making and producing more offspring for the additional accompaniment to the Army Navy Air Force Marines the additions to police forces emergency services the additions to task force the additions to the population the additions to the strength and unity of the sovereignty of Canada The adaptation of all areas of soldiering disability intelligence army navy the Air Force Marines for the allocation of a droid on each individual soldier in charge of a certain number of droids the adaptation of troops of droids of battalions of regiments The adaptation of computer control over deploying a skirmish or deploying a invasion the adaptation of looking at different areas of control of guidance of adaptation to circumstance of deployment of synchronicity of bobbing of attack of warfare of capture and of reconnaissance and rescue software

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