Adaptations to Army Navy Air Force Marines droids-synthetic life

Captain America's costume displays many featur...

Captain America’s costume displays many features common to superheroes. Art by Gabriele Dell’Otto (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hulk (comics)

Hulk (comics) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the adaptation to the droid army additional pursuits in the realm of battle are acquired such as robotic implementations of synthetic properties of superheroes such as for such as Spiderman Ironman such as Capt. America such as the Incredible Hulk synthetic properties of superheroes marvel superheroes marvel universe avengers the adaptation of robotic and synthetic tissue for the delegation of building a holographic model of a superhero with all the extremities of Powers of abilities the habitation of looking at stresses in metals in ligaments in the adaptation of a pain-free existence no nerve endings or the adaptation of a centralized location for the delegation of A reward system the adaptation of looking at the adaptation of the superhero war machine of the habitation of the robotic tank being an android the robotic plane being an android the adaptation of looking at transformers of auto bots of droids that transform the habitation of looking at soldiers recovery of looking at the overall application to have a synthetic proponent to the adaptation of droids the centralized location of synthetic lifeforms the adaptation of reusable The overall application at the rejuvenation resuscitation the look at calling and the overall reassessment be reliving the reinvigoration of the synthetic element in the process of life soldiering on the field with proper camera adaptation for the delegation of monitoring and surveillance 3D printer for self assembly adaptation of an exoskeleton overlay of synthetic skin and tissue and a covering up full-bodied covering of synthetic tissue and exoskeleton for Extreme gear and proper usage of technology such as physics chemistry and biology for the adaptation of making powers work having the correct environment and correct machinery equipment and utilization of whereabouts bulletproof skin fire resistant waterproof heat resistant nonabrasive nonallergic body covering to adapt to real life situations Layers of synthetic muscle tissue attached to body systems layers of artificial synthetic body tissue that is disease-free through perfect DNA strand see document and has potential for action reflexes and synchronicity powered format


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