Safety and timing

Realization of a event occurring in sequence number of events in sequence approximately 1-7 events happening in sequence the occurrence being the order of repair of those occurrences in sequence to fully understand the automated process when initializing full-service the adaptation of a regime of those events becoming a power up process assistance  to events becoming leverage or reliability in the realm of corrective repair and actualization The events becoming part of the administrative process of deliberation of service of technical detail of reliability and of precision interactive reliability sequential notoriety and functional stability The realization that days happen in sequence these the week happened to sequence a functional reality of having the repair done within the realm of a timeframe but allows for the continuation of time itself as a duration of safety and precision the reliability of A set of mathematical events in sequential order in order of precision and of detail the adaptation of these details to traffic to air-traffic control to train transit to shipping and boating to off-road vehicles to The heights of the space exploration to the depths of the ocean and all in between the landmass all vehicles to comply with the orders of mathematical precision detail of dexterity conform to a system of reliability stability balance control collision avoidance and safety The vendor delegation of the system of reliability mathematical precision and physics chemistry and biology to apply to home at office school district security personnel and locations police personnel and stations for the adaptation of the system of reliability and security dependent upon not only the driver but the pedestrian as well a current system of communication adaptive nature knowledge of the driver and the GPS system but to any system of walking running biking skateboarding jogging or situational circumstance that is arisen for the pedestrian take heed of them to have control over his or her situational circumstance within reason to act and react accordingly in the distinct aroma of possibilities such as a functioning reactive Smart watch which and delegate matters of directional control over reactive and reflects timing to show direction to show speed of flight to show instance distance between objects be it gaps be it details of person-to-person be it details of person to destination be it person to object all detailed observation and reactive measures built into the reflexes of the watch to relate to the person is synchronized set of information to react accordingly in situations that are current


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ASHWORTH MEDICINE-Professional Medical Assisting, Doctor of Science,Legal Assistant Diploma BSc Criminal Justice PhD Computational Neuroscience MD DSC Epigenetics
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