Roof track robotics

ASIMO is an advanced humanoid robot developed ...

ASIMO is an advanced humanoid robot developed by Honda. Shown here at Expo 2005. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Robot which travels along slotted track in the roof to different areas of the building or apartment or house retractable traveling to a slotted area to the kitchen it does the dishes put some away Reisenman the dishwasher etc. has a visual camera and adaptations or proper software and I and the intelligence to clean up its own messes it can travel to the bedrooms make the beds do the vacuuming in the hallways and living room and travels with C ++with additions to the robot such as wires and other appendages that allow it to become a super cleaner for housework or a maintenance man for work in the garage on the car or at least part of repair job for the stove appliances fridgeso for toiletries and the allocation of a cook over the kitchen the robot would don rubber gloves and utilize cleaning mechanisms such as Ajax chlorox  old Dutch to clean porcelain tubs toilets and sinks and the robot appendage web then clean the windows and do the dusting rearrange the furniture is necessary for pre-set plan and feed the cat and dog make dinner and act as a security system for home and garage and car and Alarm system to wake up an audiovisual Center for electronics would be an adaptation and whatever means necessary to come electronic equipment or two computers everything equipment without a patient of making sensors making electronics doing nanotechnology eventually the pleasure but would be able to perform surgeries medically with the doctors supervision and have the dexterity of decision to stop flulike symptoms from according to prevent bleeding to act as a Heimlich maneuver in choking and two Soothe a Baby’s  crying or stop by pet from barking or The cat from running the furniture pick up the mail and do complex calculations on the computer’s as well as answer the door rearrange the furniture cable or wireless models


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