Document 4

Wormholes and their effect on body systems
Looking at the safe transfer effect of solids gases from one area to another through the body systems with no detrimental effect to the patient transferring matter from one area to another to regulate and officiate noninvasive surgery through a wormhole effect with the body being The recipient and the medical machinery of holographic sages particle inducement and quantum theory being the sender the patient would be involved in the implementation of a consistency of internal processes that involve a transfer of needed nanotechnology nano medicine and molecular interjection at the DNA and cellular level as well as the functioning level of The medical equipment due to its precise calculations in mathematics physics biology chemistry and the application of quantum computing with the delegation that the matter be dealt with for the comprisement of matter within that transfer The effect being positive and not having any outstanding effects of burrowing into the body or the affect of loss of body tissue or fluids or the effect of the transfer being non-effective the effect of having the proper type of machinery to delegate this matters is necessary and had to have the functioning level of the software to be at a high-level so that the delegation of the particles are safe in transit . In receiving in the body the pharmacokinetics pharmacodynamics pharmacogenetics the overall functioning of the level of the patient with the medication and the delegation of the reactions to the medication from the body the reactions of the medications of the reactions of combination of fact of the wormhole upon the body


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