Super soldier program0

The application of utilizing a holographic method to encompass a diagram or body figure that body figure endowed with certain purposes and powers fulfill accomplishments such as described in previous postings that figure being accomplished and schools of having certain scientific fulfillment and outer planets personage be allotment of such being the distinguish net from others as individuals with the stress test joint strengthening’s and capabilities research being done to improve jumping structure to improve structure to improve battle ready accomplishments and to influence mental physical and overall characteristic of the individual for superiority when it comes to move went action reflexes motion and appropriations of conduct for affiliations approval The details of choosing weaponry of choosing the skies of picking out some properties and characteristics details of which would encompass a wide range of possibilities within the framework of understanding the present capabilities of the modern-day soldier within the realm of the super soldier program then the realm of The accomplishments of injured soldiers then the realm of them becoming athletes battle ready accomplishments visibility Olympic caliber training and where it can do the most help readiness for battle in any case currently The application of synthetics holographic detail and application of self-assembly of nanostructures encompassing skin encompassing miniature engine’s miniature orbs miniature heat and cold resistant cloth and miniature synthetic prosthetic miniature polymers that can produce energy


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ASHWORTH MEDICINE-Professional Medical Assisting, Doctor of Science,Legal Assistant Diploma BSc Criminal Justice PhD Computational Neuroscience MD DSC Epigenetics
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