Super soldier program3 Planning and utilization

So utilizing all avenues of communications on the television all channels for their functioning for the capability for their medical input for their knowledge for their capabilities for their adjustments for their sciences for their appreciation of knowledge utilizing all channels subject them to medical terminology and function the most suitability for interconnectibility correlation interactivity cooperation germination reanimation reconstruction wheel alignment of telomeres and mitochondria realignment of brain systems realignment of organs realignment of heartbeat of Gestalt a person of the overall functioning level of intelligence of the memory cortex of looking into sinensis brain neurons of rejuvenating the connectivity and the brain systems by looking into the memory and seeing where the memory can we collect events connected trolled the brain reconstruction reanimation of parts of the brain to do with memory and recall the active part of the brain involved the gestalt the personality the part of the brain involved in emotional response part of the brain in sequencing in the ability for a gene to take effect within that effect the signaling out of the gene to do with those brain capabilities the absolute care and technique given to the management of systems within the concept of resuscitation look at organs their placement in detail look at other body systems look at in vitro and in vitro stabilization in vitro in vivo stabilization of gestalt of brain systems of the memory being placed in isolation for the connectability and leave trace amounts of memory and recall the vitalization and read germination of rejuvenation of the sense of recall the ability to remember the ability of the memory to recognize the availability of the sense of awareness of the sense of remembering details and the sense of acknowledgment animations of people places and things the correlation of corresponding the animation with real to life situations the corresponding underlying consistencies causes and displays of microscopic criteria involved in the movement reflex response and for all aspect of body systems and their content


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ASHWORTH MEDICINE-Professional Medical Assisting, Doctor of Science,Legal Assistant Diploma BSc Criminal Justice PhD Computational Neuroscience MD DSC Epigenetics
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