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The acceptability of the brain systems the rejuvenation of memory the adaptation of looking at neurons in the brain for their sign-ups to activating memory of input into systems that would demand is answer such as search systems such as inquiries such as contact information on computer programs as such to reinstate the memory of the person involved also sign maps synapse activities to rejuvenate to repair to reconstruct to remember to recall to retain and transmit memory and its sense of remembering it sets of recall it sense of transmittal of information of the acknowledgment of understanding it sense of parts of the brain that are involved in the Gestalt of the person in the emotional response in the overall clearance of brain activity for to have the interaction the allocation of looking at the senses and how they interact with the productivity including the memory and visual cortex of the brain the allocation of the breathing and the allocation of recessive genes dominant genes of respiratory systems the allocation of the restarting recalibration of the heartbeat the adaptation of organs how to organize for the functioning of the organs from a stopped position re started to recalibration of the organs and they adaptation of how the skin tissue is holding up how the muscle tissue is holding up the allocation of mitochondria and telomeres the allocation of the lengthening of telomeres the strengthening of mitochondria and the adaptation of the circulatory system being The functioning level of the heartbeat and the overall structure of the mathematics correlation between the bloody systems at the holographic sequencing of 3-D systems in a Cartesian mapping and the correlation between the heartbeat and the circulatory system being adequate and functional the relationship between those bad systems and the organs and the functioning of the overall respiratory system to breathe a correlation with the heartbeat and the overall homeostasis of the person being functional to correlate the brain in the voice box with  functional activity this blueprints of which show the person’s memories and their lifestyle to correlate with functional testing and intellectual abilities to remember to correlate and to function with correct information correct methodology and thereby show a correlation between The rejuvenated active memory and the underlying memories that have been stopped or have been halted in someway and are currently being reconstructed in the memory cortex


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ASHWORTH MEDICINE-Professional Medical Assisting, Doctor of Science,Legal Assistant Diploma BSc Criminal Justice PhD Computational Neuroscience MD DSC Epigenetics
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