Holographic display memory and tools

The application of a holographic trace of particles the particles would react to certain way be measured and be monitored and recorded onto holographic medium such as of the display of characteristics of movement of them the particles would be traced by means of memory if the particle exhibits the same behaviour and is a given area particle is sent to react a certain way and exhibit a certain behavior and it could be expected but the body system would have a reaction to that particle behavior to that DNA to that alright me to that system of regulation into the system of movement and characteristics is expected that behaviors follow form if a given context and that the behavior of the particle would exhibit certain types of mutations or characteristics of cells that are deterministic by nature I have functionality and discovering diseases and other practical uses in vitro in vivo if all of molecular about the stations is deterministic that be particle sequence would determine within a given frame of time the movement or dexterity of inner workings of organs organelles body systems brain cells heartbeat circulation and the characteristics of the overall concept of determining within the framework of billions upon billions of holographic displays the correct sequence for the particles to follow to correct a contemplate upon the manifestation of disease manifestation of the healing process and the distinguishing between homeostasis and active response The medium for the usage of the holographic display memory would be the fact that the hollow graphics themselves would have application to any form of tool that is necessary to use and operation of surgery behind the graphics designing the tool to integrate with particles that are separate from the particles that are being examined or the have organic value or natural value to those particles and the integration being the correlation between making nano machines nano technology nano medicine and formulating the plan for attack on diseases and almonds maladies of the body the function though control of the particles coming from the tool end of the holographic stream would be any means necessary


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ASHWORTH MEDICINE-Professional Medical Assisting, Doctor of Science,Legal Assistant Diploma BSc Criminal Justice PhD Computational Neuroscience MD DSC Epigenetics
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