Interdimensional teleportation2

The fact that interdimensional teleportation would have to do with the infiltration of magnetics but the seeding of the teleported substance the substance being subject to the magnetic forces after being teleported to that intended that I mentioned or area the application being for example the teleported magnetic track being projected Buy a vehicle which floats in the year through magnetism magnetic engines and has magnetic repelling magnets to keep it afloat the magnetic trap being projected would entail a directional control over the vehicle and levitation control over the vehicle the application of the application sequence here being the repelling track being laid for the magnet that is repelling to follow in a directional and levitated state The magnetism being related to be direct and control by adjusting the floor of the magnetism out of the projector to adjust to the road conditions to adjust to turning to adjust to the north South east west direction of a compass and the underlying meanings of strength of the magnetism the respect of the devastated state of the vehicle being adjusted to suit the strength of the magnetism being repelled from each other the projected track and the magnet from the car to enforce the directional change to have the levitated state of the vehicle in accuracy and in enough space to maneuver and change direction as well as comfort zone for transporting goods people objects and what have you


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