Doc8 superman altogether configurations of science-rejuvination resuscitation

The usage of modern-day equipment to itemize and categorize calculate methods of resuscitation rejuvenation reanimation reconstruction restructuring of DNA RNA of self-assembly of carbon and it’s adjoining constituents to formulate plans for DNA The ability to look at systems of similarity in telomeres their reconstruction without cancerous additives being present and working malignant and functional the addition of mitochondria for strength the addition of a person’s heart beat the respiration their brain activity with the gestalt of the bring the addition of memory the synapse connections the neurons The ability to look at systems of questioning of queries into the brain activity into the memory of the brain for visual pictures video video adaptations of visuals due to the visual center of the brain being connected to computer display and that display showing the correct sequence of events is going on in dreamlike stages in thought patterns in the intricate makeup of the brain connected to the gestalt connected to the emotional center connected to the memory Center of the brain connected to the vocal cords connected to the speech pattern voice recognition the emotional center of the brain the overall aspect of remembering of picturing of taking that picture and turning it into a three-dimensional rendering of a future or past event in the person’s memory a reconstruction of events due to time life-size reproduction of a memory or any event or a visual picture in the brain a reconstruction from the photograph a visual adaptation to future present and past events and look at the likelihood of reincarnation of Chimeras of rejuvenation of the Person The look at the mitochondria of the person is linked to the energy center the muscles the phone connections by tendons and the overall structure of the skin the overall aspect of looking at orbs to be implanted my teleportation the noninvasive surgery being present and accounted for for the implementation of microscopic genetic engines and microscopic orbs filled with helium to produce a levitation affect overall supporting the body structure safely and hypoallergenic¬†within the system

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ASHWORTH MEDICINE-Professional Medical Assisting, Doctor of Science,Legal Assistant Diploma BSc Criminal Justice PhD Computational Neuroscience MD DSC Epigenetics
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