Doc9Subcutaneus engines-the science of superman-nano

The study of mechanisms within the human structure for a transplantation of synthetics synthetic naturally forming orbs synthetic naturally forming genetics of body producing engines that are designed calibrated and perform within the natural functions of the body actually enhancing and improving movement and dexterity reflex action and performance and increasing levitation when jumping for example increasing speed when running and improving upon motar ability to lift to function as a whole dexterity flexibility and movement in general The orbs would be science-based and have the calibration and detail of an intricate network of being teleported a helium filled gas or a light gas that allows the body to become speedy or lightweight in motion the calibration and synchronicity of the engines would entail a natural ability of the body to perform these tasks subcutaneously The engines comprising of genetic material shaped in the form that would be most beneficial to the body and exiting at porous regions of the body would provide a slipstream or a presentation of pressure and energy to formulate the need for levitation  or speed balance and control yet still have enough form and function to affect the body system as a whole the naturals effort and the overall functioning of the brain would serve as delicate commands if not handheld resources that are wireless could control the functioning of the overall system being at natural movement or hand signals voice command or brain waves the total command system would enable The user to better dexterity movement and control change the functionality  better flexibility in the days of the future to come Perhaps experimentation on nonflying bugs on small rodents animals and the procedure being dealt with as a teleported underlying synthetics of the skin subcutaneous layers and the functionality being the levitation and control to work in unison with bone marrow to you work in unison with structures of the body limbs and skeletal as well as muscular control and have safety  form and function with the overall application of movement in any form you know the synthetics when you can genetically alter a bug or a rodent and have it later reproduce and have that genetic mutation so in essence in changing synthetics with the natural formation of the bug that is done flying to a levitated the world through the subcutaneous implantations the actual influence to the genetic handing down out of the levitated components to offspring should be evident to work in unison with the cloth or the covering of the clothing that is formulated with engines and orbs of levitated ability the combination of the two should comprise of lightweight material with the adaptation of it being strong enough internally to carry out a certain type of weight safely over a distance The utility belt could surprise couldn’t comprise of compressed gas tablets used to utilize the levitation devices the orbs within the clothing or the material utilized as a mechanism to provide left and the compressed fuel also in the utility belt for the engines that would be utilized also continues subcutaneous material safe and hypoallergenic working in unison with body system to prevent disease to prevent cancer to have dexterity control when it comes to infections regulating skin temperature and tone the health of the internal components such as the bones the tissue the muscle and regulation of circulation. The gas and the helium gas the gas for the engines would be comprised of organic materials do not burn the skin upon combustion and are teleported into the engines teleported into the orbs the helium gas or likely gas and have form and function want to comes to be aspect of levitation and refueling engines for compatibility as well as refueling the orbs


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ASHWORTH MEDICINE-Professional Medical Assisting, Doctor of Science,Legal Assistant Diploma BSc Criminal Justice PhD Computational Neuroscience MD DSC Epigenetics
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