Neuroscience Bioconference

Neuroscience the actualization the realization that the conference by conference is coming up on the 19th or 20th of March with that realization comes the hopes that the neuroscience seminars will have to do with the rejuvenation the reanimation the resuscitation the restructuring the reconfiguration of the repair of brain tissue memory recall recognition and the adaptation of reanimation of brain tissue the adaptation of utilizing a sense of control structure for the memory for recall free for the reconstruction of memory for the vitalization and actualization of protocols do to the reservation of reality the sense of recall the sense of memory the sense of purpose the sense of actualization of brain categorization the sense of restructuring for the tissues for the muscles for the bone for the regeneration of organs regeneration of brain matter regeneration of DNA RNA structures within the body the reanimation repair synthesis of inorganic organic natural synthetic metallic and bionic parts the actualization of the synthesis between robotic elements that can disintegrate on scaffolds and become disseminated in the body the actualization of the scaffolds taking over with natural elements of the body rebuilding the body through self actualization self repair itself construction self-assembly and the guidance of that by nano’s structures within the body overall microchips that will give off certain commands to the DNA RNA and be self building carbon structures within the body and complete the task of restructuring the actualization of the commands given to a fort of camera the picture taken being vitalized actualized and realized to have certain properties within the scope of the picture to analyze x-ray and microscopically detect any changes of the person with in that picture organically in organically and naturally within that structure of the picture to formulate with certain adaptations to the camera the realization of detail within the photograph to structure any microscopic components any actual illustration or details the picture is complete with all the details involved in the inner and outer workings of anatomy anatomy and it’s 3-D construct with that picture comes the realization that you can reconstruct within the framework of time  at the past present or future a construct of the picture itself realizing that the needed material to construct the background scenario or the structure of the picture has to be detailed within the framework of the photograph to realize that the reconstruction has merit and can be detailed as according to the timeframe of the photograph and the details of the microscopic criteria due to the visual cortex of the brain for dreams and recognition


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ASHWORTH MEDICINE-Professional Medical Assisting, Doctor of Science,Legal Assistant Diploma BSc Criminal Justice PhD Computational Neuroscience MD DSC Epigenetics
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