Bioconference neuroscience 5

Brain Initiative panel discussion science overview William Newsome PhD Terrene J Sejnowski distinguished Prof. Justin Sanchez PhD Emery N brown PHD

As for the human brain trying to understand himself could not a copy of a model of the brain be made to 3-D printing through adaptation to EEI through modeling and expertise with the duplication of illustration being in holographic form been applying the principles of dynamics and physics have the brain itself okay thought processes to the holographic brain and back-and-forth and so forth synthetically
X perhaps a synthetic rats brain synthetic most bring for beginnings the print out being the exact dimensions of the animals prefrontal cortex cerebellum etc. and the whole aspect of the mapping of the overall aspect of the neurons and gray matter complete

As for the computation involved in the observance of the universe take the entire computation potential used in observance and apply it to a part of a mathematical grid of a single neuron so to be working part of the neuron that produces thought and see how it applies with the billions and billions of stars being observed the billions and billions of thought that is billions of synapse these billions and billions of thought processes nerve endings the application of the computation of the universe being in part of a neuron so the parts add up together to complete the task of overseeing what the neuron’s potential is


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