Time changes

The construction of a Time Machine to reverse the effects of climate south to go forward to some degree in time and to have delegation over past matters by linking the structure of Earth geologically in the stratosphere and ozone layer with the constituents of matter being changed oceanography being changed infrastructure being changed people’s ideals thought patterns the electronics being changed the idea of constructing a pattern of astronomical complexity by hooking up from a position in space of the earth to a distant past relationship with time itself being the factor of having the clock itself connected to different time zones by way of utilizing the telephone as a mechanism to make a call perhaps from Toronto to Los Angeles going back in time hours upon reaching Los Angeles instantaneously And with that fact good notion that the time in Los Angeles how many hours behind the aspect of time travel is hooked into various recordings back in time in Los Angeles of adaptations due to calling at different frequencies at different times during the day of the year back in the past and connecting to the Toronto terminal thereby reversing the effect of time itself by translating the information connected to the universe connected to the time zones connected to time itself with the aspect of reversing time to to the time zones and through the terminals of past years connecting with the ability to understand the reversal of time processes through travel through placement of information and having the overall aspect of simultaneous travel through teleportation is and should be mathematically and in theory evident see self-assembly rapid stem cell development and accelerated that links of movement Growth meiosis mitosis nutrition levels of complexity of analysis of living and organic matter floor and fauna nature and the construction of fast-moving microstructure complexity of time and living matter the adaptation of looking at breathing the adaptation of oxygen through respiration dedication of teleportation of oxygen through two cells through two of your way male female in nature through to the oxygen-rich blood systems the teleportation of molecules in the air viruses heart rate oxygen to the brain teleportation in the body connected to the weather the stratosphere ionosphere and ozone layer the oxygen in the air the content of the water H2O in the oceans and seas throughout the Lakes freshwater and the temperature climate of the overall scheme of Earth the connectivity would be vast intricate     And complex


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ASHWORTH MEDICINE-Professional Medical Assisting, Doctor of Science,Legal Assistant Diploma BSc Criminal Justice PhD Computational Neuroscience MD DSC Epigenetics
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