Zymo research

They say research takes years the intricate design of methodology blended with the knowledge of the microscopic criteria involved in epigenetic’s the aspect of DNA RNA and the bases the aspect of constructing a scenario where mutations metastasis malignancy and tumors are kept in check by mathematical coronation to vectors and other mathematical criteria involved in the delegation of denouncing stage four to stage one stage zero throughout stage four and stage three with the coronation being the reversal of a vector the adaptation of mathematical geometry with the coronation to vector lines and the aspect of looking at telomeres with the added realization that the neuroscience of brain chemistry to do with Alzheimer’s and autism could relate to a system of tests done with computerized design computerized equipment and the current relationship to the adaptation to a series of photonic relays for the continuation of the adaptation to looking at brain chemistry being turned on and off networks Bay Networks of thought of cognition due to synapse connection due to axioms due to neurons due to the potential of ions in chemistry to correlate to the photonic Relay of intense light and the relationship between the adaptation of thought recall memory cognition with the adaptation of the invigoration Resuscitation reanimation reConstitution restructuring repair and sequencing of synapse connections and the relationship between not only the elderly but the mature adult the youth the adolescent and the preadolescent and the infant two methods of analysis when it comes to aging the cognition involved in epigenetic’s when it comes to the process of thought word and deed of learning of intelligence of the capability to avoid and see through diseases the application of Alzheimer’s and autism the application of schizophrenia of mental disorders PTSD of ADD ADHD and the stressful factors stress itself which produces an effect on the body system in the whole affect over the body the application of healthy systems such as exercise diet nutrition sleep and good mental health good mental framework for the duration of exercise and meditation the application of different types of systems of understanding when it comes to different cultures different climates different modes of relaxation and how it affects the body system the intake of nutrients and epigenetic’s effect on brain chemistry and cognition and the application of how the environment itself the oceans the forest ecosystem which we live in along with the negative effects of pollutants poisons of carbon dioxide carbon monoxide of chemicals in the air and water of man-made disasters as well as the effect of body cleansing agents factors which give the body a holistic approach to cleanliness and detoxification and the application of your pursuits of Dr. papers analysis of IHOP information hypertexted over proteins pub med Google scholar Wikipedia with the delegation of proper annotation and correlation to microscopic criteria within the body cells molecular structure DNA a compiled with organs circulatory system heart rate respiratory systems Brane brain and other areas of concern the application of the mathematical correlation to the systems of geometry algebra and the coronation two systems of the body in the 3-D cartesian mapping that shows the application to be intrinsic form of noninvasive medicine holographic’s detail in the formation of calculations and proper approach to dissection and disbursal of unhealthy elements within the body to correspond to different concept of ideas to show dexterity and compromise in the aspect of looking at the epigenetic’s which are involved in the application of microscopic criteria of experimentation out of calculation due to detail and format the overall aspect of the combination of elements the methodology the approach the correlation the corresponding ideas and how it all fits together to show control to show how areas are corresponding to show the complete picture to show over the years the dedication to methodology the application of various techniques ideas and concepts to come to a conclusion that the overall display of research has correlation to the healing technique the adaptation of utilizing various methods within that research to formulate cures the aspect of pharmacology of showing the correspondence and methodology involved in curing and the delegation of ethics and morality and the sound practice of business ethics within the framework of education and science corresponding with the overall aspect of innovation invention and creation its up to the scientists to determine how the mathematical calculations will be represented collaborate interact and respond in the clinical application.




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ASHWORTH MEDICINE-Professional Medical Assisting, Doctor of Science,Legal Assistant Diploma BSc Criminal Justice PhD Computational Neuroscience MD DSC Epigenetics
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