The adaptation of looking at medicine from the standpoint of holographic inference holograms holographic projections and the instance that they can project within that well any instance of physical mental or graphical interface from the standpoint of looking at medicine from its different standpoint such as pharmacology anatomy physiology pathology illustration and graphic reality to microscopic projections analysis and overall statistics be approached to be analytic component should be to comprise of the statistical matter matter being tabulated the descriptions of details and applied scientifically to adapt to changes to show its form and function in the day-to-day application of showing how the science is being applied to conform to a healing technique to show the dexterity and detail in the approach to using the information to create the correct scenario for a healing technique to take place the application of looking at a statistic or a detail and applying that knowledge to mathematics or to physics biology or chemistry and to show the intrinsic approach to be delegation of matters to show the functionality of the equation for formula the approach to the situation should be in fact multifaceted and at times kept in the most simplistic form possible to adapt to changes to show the approachable method to show the methodology to adhere to policies of food intake vitamin intake mineral intake and supplemental intake to show the rest the exercise this sleep the good mental aspect of health the approach to good living and the environmental changes which are important in the aspect of health regulation and good functioning well I stress reduced day the positive aspect of looking at the function of the computerization of the hologram to show the approach to the functioning of the illustration and the functioning of the animation to show the overall aspect of the cooperation on a 3-D axis of a body system or an organ that has reduced itself to a disease state the adaptation of the animation the cleansing rejuvenate and the form and function of the appreciation of restructuring reconstruction and sequencing the repair of the overall system should be kept as a reminder to look at systems that seem to be drug resistant or to be resistant therapies to medicine add to have clarity when it comes to the processes that align themselves with gene therapy with protein coupling and the massive amount of DNA and RNA structuring, combining themselves with the application of biomarkers as well as the functioning level V appreciation that the overall aspect of regeneration and application to the computerized hologram would be to formulate a tool or a plan of noninvasive medicine for the buddy system to react to a noninvasive surgery and to have the precise allocation to pass the blood brain barrier to assimilate and recharge Purkinje fibers brain matter and to function at a level of synapses connection to show the correct Ion potential for the chemistry of the brain and to regulate matters of cerebellum and frontal lobe activity with the adaptation of the molecular structure of the brain the overall aspect of the level of the spikes in sign-ups connection be look at the graphical analysis to do with the process of producing that spike that brain activity the adaptation of the cleanliness and upward mobility be nobleness of thought the adaptation of a drug-free life existence versus a dependent and addicted one beatification of the overall aspect of functioning level of brain activity of the networks in the in the brain of the dependence and of the adaptation of nutrition diet sleep exercise mental health and the functioning level of the individual the realization that there can be in it’s most expected form a change in characteristics when it comes to the overall aspect of looking at foods that are causing such dependent such a salt sugars fats and some spices that can cause dependence that can cause cravings that can cause a loss of momentum or loss of consciousness the adaptation of look at caffeine at dependency on Glucose the adaptation of combining glucose or sugars with insulin and looking at the possibilities within the framework of the delivery of that system to a diabetic patient in the hopes of showing the proper form and realization that the combination of sugars and insulin have the correct correspondence to the body system as it would be individualized medicine and it’s delivered format


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ASHWORTH MEDICINE-Professional Medical Assisting, Doctor of Science,Legal Assistant Diploma BSc Criminal Justice PhD Computational Neuroscience MD DSC Epigenetics
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