The description was the overall concepts to adjust manage and treatment of the disease itself, it’s pathology that’s in the beginning, because it diagnosed properly the causes of Alzheimer’s disease are certain and underlying causes show the progression of the disease as pathology with principal features of collections of inter-neuronal skeletal filaments called neurofibrillary tangles deposits of an abnormal protein in a matrix called amyloid in senile plaques and diffuse loss of neurons the look at Alzheimer’s disease looks at least disorders within the brain and sees that the method of current medicine does not allow for a cure or any remedy for the progression of the disease. A look further into the strategies which imply those three elements to take place the construction of the cytoskeletal filaments as well as the structure of the abnormal proteins. The loss of Neurons did look at those three aspects of things show that the proper utilization would be to look into the microscopic criteria which precedes those  and combination of collaboration doing the formation of interest normal cytoskeletal filaments the application of looking at the structure of amino acids and building blocks of protein that go into making not only the abnormal protein and with that cells that are not affected by the disease of the brain so far the application of the building of neurons the sustenance of neurons a sustaining of neurons and the application of showing the proper activity within the patients brain so a look at the DNA ,the structure of the molecular components of the disease as well as the cellular components and look at the overall intrinsic design of what goes into the design of those things he epigenetic’s the precursors for bases sugars salts proteins the precursors for the neurons the overall precognition and pre-preparation for the brain to have form and function the building of the cerebellum.The overall construction of new scaffolds for building and rebuilding of neurons brain activity and look at synapse connection with the spike in neuronal activity and the overall aspect of thought cognition and the overall cognition of reanimation reconstruction repair and restructuring due to non invasive surgery leading to bonds in scaffolding through teleportation of molecular chemistry leading to the building of tissue and neurons and the natural function of the brain to heal itself of being functional in neuroplasticity,the brain for the purpose of reanimation cognition thought recall and the form and function of a spike in the neuronal activity for the purpose of diagnosing proper thought proper cognition and the function of the brain to have normal activity normal thought normal normal patterns of conclusion and reality and the coronation of the cerebellum as well as other parts of the brain  the frontal lobes for example to have form and function in the healing of the Purkinje fibers and other subject matter with the brain.

Lemon mint cucumber ginger water for detox and ridding of inflammation to aide in digestion and cognition also a natural nanomedicine concentrated


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