Costa Rica

From the position granted, to the Senate, to the Tribunal, to Judges, Magistrates and to the Presidential Committees, including the President and the Secretary of State from the overall aspect of Foreign Relations to the prospect of International and Global infrastructure, businesses and monetary funding. To emphasize the addition of concepts, new procedures, practices and overly adept instructive in depth policies. To oversee and correct future and current trends in marketing, finance and trade, and to ensure fairness and equity.

From the image taken from computerized storage to the replication reproduction and image projection of a working hologram transferred to a state of utilization and productivity in science and medicine and all other areas of relevance.

3D replications with solidifying effects and potential for long range projection and building. Transference of particles; Arrangement of molecules; Correct atomic configuration.

Online ordering, concept of perforated screen or air screen with laser hologram particle inducement to create for example pharmacology, confections, foodstuffs, enforcing statutes, supporting buildings, infrastructure making miniatures as well as larger statues.

Repairing cracks in walls windows cement –(portable models)

For the aspect of Educational Programming and Literature

For the Arts

For Aquatic and Oceanic studies

For Agriculture

Introduction of the nano-sphere and nano-cube; structures which although sometimes visible, in size can regulate through their computerized framework, particles which form shapes. They, the nano-sphere and the nano-cube (or whatever shape is desired) could also be nanostructures. They would be made of nano-tubes or spherical. The shapes are visual interpretations and would involve holographic projection. Particle Assimilation would take place for example in the nano-sphere and it would work somewhat with base attachment like a crystal ball projecting likenesses and perhaps weather patterns as well as a variety of imagery in 3dimensional particle format and hologram projections. Various projections.

The nano-cube would be as large as a room for example or as small as needed determining within its framework what object or visual interpretation could be displayed and built molecule by molecule to complete its task, which is in effect- objects made can be removed and used elsewhere.

Rapid regeneration of molecular arrangement.

One adaptation of nano-cube technology is the mid air suspension of a hologram of for example a Rubic’s cube multi-faceted, it would be comprised of many mathematical and scientific formulas all interchangeable and each side would have its own significance upon solving the cube it would be relayed with the nano-sphere which suspended in mid air and fully describable by computerized analysis ,a hologram, shaped like the Earth (or

another planet sun star or moon) and would interact on a responsive level. For example the weather or patterns of known and unknown criteria, bacteria, etc.


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ASHWORTH MEDICINE-Professional Medical Assisting, Doctor of Science,Legal Assistant Diploma BSc Criminal Justice PhD Computational Neuroscience MD DSC Epigenetics
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