The management and exercise of metastasis malignancy mutations tumors be manifestation of the disease state or clotting whatever the Scenario in the brain the allocation to management and maneuverability treatment and options in the delegation of manageability and concerns in the areas that can be had actualized the overall concept of healing and production of tools for the administration of such a level of competency and the overall acceptance that the drugs the pharmacology the magnetism the Photonics the detox the overall integration with medication as a noninvasive level due to teleportation holographic’s would be sufficient to change and modulate modify and conform brain systems interfaces with robotics AI and subliminal visionary and auditory signals produced by computerize means translated to the brain and thereby shown to have a flat on nervous system cerebellum I memory increasing intelligence brain training games luminosity and the function of the brain itself to heal to become retrained to be reprogrammed to have functional next 30 control over the body systems subconscious the consciously on retention on recall on cognition and not functioning order reflex and physical as well as reducing any impairment incurred be overall level of looking at recovery from alcoholism recovery from brain injury recovery do to detox and overall Brain development over the years increasing intelligence and learning and the early years of childhood learning language movement thought functioning relating to environment and the maximum achievement level of adults be overall aspect of looking at the functioning level of the brain it’s innermost connectability and the letter areas that are lit up on display the details of the connectability the details of the functioning levels functioning areas and compatibility to the environment which there in the it legal college university legal entity such as legal firm medical college or medical University medical hospital or medical clinic medical research or mobile medical unit .Status of the functioning level of the brain at the time due to the environment which the participant is in shows the interplay of the consciousness took set new challenges to interact and reflex respond in a chosen environment


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ASHWORTH MEDICINE-Professional Medical Assisting, Doctor of Science,Legal Assistant Diploma BSc Criminal Justice PhD Computational Neuroscience MD DSC Epigenetics
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