MALARIA   Mosquito bourne infections disease caused by a eukaryotic protest of the genus plasmodium   Bite of the female anopheles mosquito   2 weeks and several months (occasionally years) Parasites begin to multiply within red blood cells Symptoms fever and headache severe coma and death   Treatment antimalarial drugs artemisinin     signs and symptoms fever shivering artralgia vomiting anemia hemoglobinuria retinal damage convulsions   Antigentists P .falcipurum glutamate dehydrogenase P.falcipurum lactate dehydrogenase   Latter essential for ATP generation   Prevention Prophylactic drugs mosquito eradication and prevention of mosquito bites   Concepts Additive to pond water rainwater that is safe for consumption by animals and humans but deadly to mosquitoes and mosquito eggs larvae etc. Addition of a repellent to mosquito nets killing them as they land on the net Mosquito coils traps and sprays proper clothing and procedures to avoid being bitten The administration of a long lasting vaccine The DNA RNA and genetic information about mosquito breeding perhaps ina while showing how an more non infective in bred brand of mosquito could take over in the wild with selected mosquitoes being taken to make sure no poison is transmitted during breeding adulthood and through perhaps their new lifecycles   References

Malaria continued


The addition and usage of a dial multi purpose, to be used for directional control and leverage when the particle(s) are travelling a distance or being fitted into a space or joined to create symmetry or a connection the speed of the particles then controlled by levers devices which can accelerate or decelerate the speed thereby shortening the time the particles travel the particles could have routes which are utilized by the implementation of holographic pattern storage with various servicing and complimentary available interactions at some destinations the particles would not always have a final destination some will utilise the  pathways to  continually thrive and contribute to the main cause which is overall health some will require maintenance some a rest stop nevertheless nutrition and control implementations will be included for the particles at different areas

The control measures will track speed and contents look for any foreign materials the particles might pick up and expel and correct any unwanted substances looking again towards the objective of overall health. They will travel the pathways looking for apoptosis and mutations monitor and correct any stoppage or blockage in the pathways and escort some particles according to importance or relevant activity.

Particles will vary in size shape activity habits but need at time to refuel or take on nutrition these stations indicate and are guaranteed to supply with at times an exchange signifying signalling and communication which is also used to navigate the pathways with different signals and signs.


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