Tuberculosis continued


The usage of a method of matched modelling for the purposes of examination relaying through a 3D rendering of a holographic model with moving precise related animation to in vitro in vivo samples

The models will have form and function show at times an exploded view and in its descriptive detail wording and possible programming and experimental functions that were are and should be in use

The lab setting should have a reliable safety program given that safety regulations are given to the different levels of labs due to biohazards

Herbal medicinal blend of naturally occurring products blend of plants and organics to bring out the health n animal models and be transferred for human usage in vaccines boosters etc.

Medicinal blends of contemporary medicine that compliment the herbal blends of seeds oils and leaves

The distinction of having robotic surgeries preformed in specially designed operations rooms in labs micro surgeries done to implement  lung capacity and omit pain coughing and coughing up blood

The recognition of the bacteria for its mobility signalling communication strengths and weaknesses and the factors which control those actions the look at the whole disease and at each individual part leading to its volatility

The making of a set area for the dissection of various microscopic parts of the disease with emphasis on the reconstruction and regeneration without the viral component being active to reconsider notions about viral usages abnd implement further changes by utilizing viruses or rather in this case ex viruses to counteract other diseases.



  1. active disease
  2. latent infection (LTBI)


Aerobic non motile bacillus mycobacterium tuberculosis

Or TB for short tubercles bacillus


Spread through the air by cough sneeze or spit usually attacks the lungs



chest pain coughing up blood productive prolonged cough for more than 3 weeks



Bacillus calmette –guerin BCG


Systemic symptoms

Fever chills night sweats appetite loss weight loss pallor fatigue



Tuberculosis models in a lab setting in vitro in vivo

Animal models and rabbit pig rat mouse etc. plant adaptations herbal medicinal organic and by products of seeds oils and metholyptus/mint leaves

Relief for symptoms

Bacterium recognized and dissected for DNA RNA cellular characteristics





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