Research revision

The distinct correlation between functioning level of robotics exoskeletons and functioning level of computer interface equipment for mind sensory delegation and functioning level of computer-assisted games virtual-reality and the functioning level of criteria for the integration of mine stabilizing criteria brain expansion games learning tools and memory allocation networks for the functioning level of people with Alzheimer’s PTSD ADD and a host of psychiatric disorders the causes them to be Faulty in their cognition the overall aspect of looking up the connections to it I artificial intelligence with the delegation of brain networks being analyzed and scrutinize the delegation of sign-ups activity neural activity Axons of the pathways for chemicals in the brain to react accordingly the overall aspect of looking at the mathematics involved in the calculations physics equations and formulas the chemical equations in the molecular biology involved in the brain connection to the body to reflex actions two motor reflects what a response add to the function level of speech sight hearing Touch think smell the overall aspect of looking at sensory response actions sensory response areas in the area of looking at a holistic approach to 3-D Graphing in a holographic environment such as a room delegated for displays of holographics The needed notion of collectively adding these attributes and synchronizing movements so that the patient has the best advantage when it comes to a healthy out come progress and the ultimate goal to heal and to have dexterity and use of the brain better than it was in previous years

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