In defence of my Dissertation-research collaboration

The application of finding the correlation between the following microscopic entities microscopic criteria nanotechnology nano medicine the sciences of DNA RNA and genes the function of brain tissue of Purkinje fibers of neurone recall relation to artificial intelligence to the coronation of augmented reality to interfacing with suspended animation the aspect of mathematics physics chemistry and biology the adaptation of various medical equipment medical machines and the conceptual reality of various annotations to various diseases look at the control systems signaling the communication and the command of the overall system of treatment of placement of details of the aspect of holograms the aspect of robotics the aspect of synchronizing techniques for stem cell management and proliferation the aspect of control systems over the aspect of disease and mutations the aspect of malignancy a mutations of metastasis tumors control systems of the calculations of mathematics and numerical point system the adaptation of analytics in the control system of overall visuals of cancer AIDS other viral indices and diseases the aspect of looking at the control systems over communicative
diseases in public forums the aspect of the changing face of medicine of the approach to personalize an individualized medicine of the global affect on medicine Redley available on doctors readily available on prophylactics on treatments and cures on the changing death rate the changing birthrate the changing disease affectation rate effect on children the elderly adults the effect on the workforce economy and the overall effect unhealthy individuals well-being and the stress factor of becoming ill The look at nature for contributing effects on the hazards of pollution natural and man-made the formation of medicine from toxins formation of medicines from natural format such spiders venom the look at ecosystems and environments such as a swap for the animals but you’re moving it with immunity to it’s toxins look at the overall effect of the ocean the look at the overall effect of signalling and communication between marine animals be this thing pattern of ocean life it’s rejuvenation and the revitalization and life cycles the patterns of management of the ocean floor mining and drilling but look at dredging The overall aspects of the Elements The Periodic Table and it’s relationship to the coronation of individualize events in changing patterns in forming bonds in looking at chemical relationships and solutions in pharmacology in medicine in natural forms such as plants roots vegetables seeds flowers The aspect of utilizing spices utilizing natural forms of foods to correlate in healing to bond in an intrinsic way to the type of pharmacology being used a type of medicine being use a type of herbals being use a type of homeopathic’s being used the overall aspect of supplements vitamins and minerals Global applications two health and the function of medicine in everyday life the legal ethics of medicine in the economy https://garyskeete.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/the-link-between1.doc


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ASHWORTH MEDICINE-Professional Medical Assisting, Doctor of Science,Legal Assistant Diploma BSc Criminal Justice PhD Computational Neuroscience MD DSC Epigenetics
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