The Philosophy of Law

The philosophy of law 1000 words
it can be discussed throughout history throw biblical days that the lessons learned from the Bible should be applied to law as well as to daily habits and that we should learn from our mistakes and learn from the mistakes made in the Bible of nations of rulers
The basic admittance of God and dwell in the teachings of the Almighty as they have preserved to life in peace and in great detail throughout the ages man does not learn from the wars from the indifferences from the immorality from the injustice from the sacrifices made in the Bible how was he to progress daily when encountering such differences as homosexuality sometimes compared to Sodom and Gomorrah debauchery prostitution as well as equal rights discrimination and disability and the notion that the overall aspect of justice is more argumentative than case I think I’m not only do people regard historical precedents as archaic and a little bit underachieving but the lessons learned from modern-day economics technology and functioning is more of a lesson in life’s extremities possibilities and whereabouts then the old teachings which adhere to logic reasoning functionality the newer teachings the news the media the computer the radio the functionality of languages cultures communication the new student the new educated aspect of society keeping up with modern-day attributes has more political force then teachings of Aristotle Plato Socrates Archimedes it’s obvious that the respect earned by these ancient teachings such as the Bible Archimedes Socrates Plato Aristotle and the works of great artist such as Picasso Leonardo da Vinci and the list goes on our there in the museum to be admired for short time and forgotten for the rest of the duration of gather knowledge scholastically I’m disregarding if not for a moment the history of these important and irreplaceable people is in effect why people forget themselves and become angry people forget themselves and become depressed people forget themselves and lose their sense of reality the respect due to the Bible and to our predecessors in history art lessons to be learned of lifestyle of longevity of discoveries of details of inventions of positive influences on society and on the irrefutable declarations that have been made to conduct policy in the realm of Legal application medical expertise political affiliation and the overall aspect of deciding where when and how actionist to be taken purpose cause And duration The fact that students pay more attention to modern-day activity with the aspect of the automobile the aircraft the train the bolt all being modernized as well as the computer along with the television communication central phones cell phones and the capabilities of’s scientific technology in farming and in water production to improve upon their lives to the point where thinking about such things as theory philosophy of possibilities maybe daily pursuits for a time but are not left to the imagination to explore further The incremental effects of collecting enough information to consider one cells not only educated but intelligent as well the delegation of looking at other countries other universities other languages other cultures other format of education of learning of customs of traditions for the delegation of asymptomatic approach to medicine to Law to global acceptance of the demands of democracy and the positioning of world leaders the aspect of laws in other lands of armies of types of republics of demands of rulers of United Nations of the Commonwealth of the league of Nations of the groups such as Europe Caribbean islands South America North America Canada Hawaiian Islands India PakistanPolynesia China Japan Taiwan north and south Korea Russia the Commonwealth of England Ireland Scotland Greenland Iceland and Antarctica Arctic as well as Australia Indonesia Africa the Middle East all areas of concern for the overall piece of Nations be reduced meant of wars and calamities natural disasters and calamities which befall man and the appreciation of the commitment of armies to protect their individual territories by implementing science technology and overall display of uniformity of intelligence in expanding their knowledge and wisdom in the Scientific arts and culture medium as well as producing viable concepts for the reliability of future concerns in the areas of nature and the protection of humankind in their environment
So the development of modern day society depends upon the relationship that it’s modern-day children have with the past in learning their lessons diligently modern-day ancient day future day and cooperating with themselves in a atmosphere of mutual friendship and agreement as well as continuing on the pathway for the potential of earth to become The most influential place for space travel and destination for those who will be born outside of the planet someday to visit to recollect and to be a positive influence as a natural his store method of population control direction and distance calculated by intrinsic forms of physics and quantum computing as well as space exploration Astronomy and the delegations of peaceful attitudes towards each other be population of you going forward in the future should carry with them the reminder of how much destruction was done before them and not re-create The possibility of massive graves or massive exclusions from the rule we have a lot to learn from our lessons in control over other people in delegating tasks in showing authority and in humility


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