The philosophy of Law1

The philosophy of law 5000 words
It can be discussed that from the beginning the statement of introduction to the law was to introduce what is morally upright and Just and has justification in the legal context for the production of documents a production of actions the production of reactions thoughts and prerequisites for a proper contextual format of what ethics and probability would be the examination of statistics of details of circumstances and situations that involve a detailed explanation of logic biblical decision-making process which could be detrimental and the difficulty of making a decision more like dividing between two families a baby who gets half the new gets half and the distinction of the decision being incremental in losses as in who do you save your mother or a group of people what is the decision-making process in deciding how many lives get lost versus a family relative as well as mentally taxing stressful and having jurisdiction over a situation or circumstance the appropriate measures for deciding sexual preference for deciding upon refugee status for deciding upon life or death situations in any case involved people involve emotions involved mind frames involved decision-making processes that term that determine the health and productivity of individuals in all situations all over the globe and show The distinct possibilities of involvement in not only extracurricular activities but involvement in work allocation as well as the delegation of possibilities in the area of family of friends of population in general to show the correct functionality of the determination of making decisions about LGBT transitions into society through the Law the delegation of same-sex marriage of the application to adopt and thereby influence children the approach to workforce unity the appreciation that no deed should go unpaid or unpunished the application of looking at the functionality of theory and practice in modern-day terminology the look at art from its traditional views in Europe the standardization of Venus the goddess of love the approach to modern-day relationships through that medium the look at the changing face of the nations globally the overall appreciation of safety of laws of morals of ethics of the position of heroics of due diligence of charitable ways of the position of laws in quartz the duration of collecting the ability to collaborate these functions aforementioned to coincide to accept to proceed to acknowledge the ability of law to oversee the functions of society the realization that no one is above the law the appreciation that there is acceptance of freedoms given by the law within reason constitutionally and the discussion which followed to approach the reasoning of the Constitution with the delegation of matters that are modern day for living constituents as well as the look at the overall opinion of the ancestors at that moment the appreciation that The overall delegation of the Declaration of Independence the charter of rights and freedoms were there to Instill rules over specific situation giving their scope of visioned at the time could they have rightfully predicted within a fraction of timeframe the abundant assortment of collective minds that are intrinsic to the political legal scientific medical educational workforce of modern day society could they have predicted within a millisecond the cog which turns the wheels of modern day society the cog which is intrinsic to the timeframe of collective workforce minutes days hours All productive Also the cog which shows the machinery involved in the industrial age which preceded us as well as the modern date
The discussion on the right to lie whether or not a person will be hurt by telling the truth the application of finding ways around the questioning if it is going to be detrimental to deal with the situation as you would deal with an inquisitive child asking about something that is not of their age frame or mentality that could pose a risk to their intellectual growth how would you get around the question or the comment or the request you would find a way of dealing with the matter that is positive and has merit without lying
Good discussion of whether not a surgeon would walk out in the middle of an operation or a woman would as a surrogate quit her job and thereby abort or and the pregnancy the allocation that no one should be forced to work but no one should be a worst but the outcome being death or long-suffering of individuals family members and victims show a definite rebuttal in the aspect of what is morally upright yet defeat the purpose of the intention to bring about positive change look at the laws of science Balazs of nature in juxtaposition or in contrast with Legal Law the application of looking at oceans of schools of fish of how they communicate how they travel how they distance themselves from danger how they survive how they feed how they travel together in schools the application of looking at nature again for its ecosystems it’s survival of the fittest it’s survival of the most adaptive it’s vanishing rain forests it’s natural habitat it’s lifecycles the adaptation of honeybees how they adapt to madman his environment verses natural format the adaptation of horses of pets A farm animals the allocation of animals on the endangered list animals that are hunted the adaptation of nature is south how predictable how it is used how it brings about change in society what would we do without it how would we survive without the foodstuffs without the oxygen from the trees without the water would this make us more adaptive more inventive more conceptual if we did not have these things to begin with which some people take for granted just as it’s taken for granted that the law is there to be mimicked mocked or ridiculed or used in a manner that is not conformed to the regulations of an upright and moral society The distinct correlation of mathematics in its format calculating moves calculating reactions Calculating time frames seeing whether or not like Batman you could save both Robin and Vicki Vale the distinct making decision of almost superhuman strength superhuman ability to decide decision-making processes which the Supreme Court in their infinite wisdom have decided to prolong the ability to argue I’m take on this case work to show that the student body and the research allocation can catch up with modern-day terminology can catch up through the years and not disembody the framework of the legal technical abilities of the court system the overall aspect of the delegation of whether or not the Neuse Sophia and the Ferenney’s have distinct possibilities in the modern-day framework of cases it is only just to pick out people from the court room as they represent different areas security judicial administrative The adaptation of constitutional law for criminal justice professionals The look of the Constitution it’s format it’s function it’s delegation for the people to protect the people the rights of the people the distinct notion that be overall aspect is protection is respect it’s governance it’s the aspect of representation it’s the proper context for resolving disputes of the masses of showing respect and the delegation of duties from the beginning of the Confederation to modern-day the appropriateness of cause and effect and the relinquishing of all in moral and indecent behaviors to show the proper legal context for the delegation of the upright and moral society the female offender by Chesney lind look at women’s prisons at detention centers of services for women at the approach to what to do with a woman in pregnancy in the jail system at the approach to the female gang situation at the approach to situations where familial violence occurred where drunk and disorderly occurred where the prostitution occurred where the adaptation of theft occurred with the adaptation of murdering the spouse martyring the children the application of fighting of disrespect for the law of the application of hearings of cases of the overall aspect of women in the prison system women in the correctional system woman being treated in a certain way and the rolls of rehabilitation and of people serving a life sentence the rich get richer and the poor get prison eighth edition by Allen bacon look at the situation in the US with the application of class structure be look at the poorest neighborhoods a look at the richest neighborhoods because rasp between Jill times of sentences the application of race relations with the police the application of come crimes committed the duration of time served the look up the application of the poorest neighborhoods whether or not The situation occurs within that neighborhood for the delegation of a crime to be committed is on a massive scale compared to middle-class or upper-class neighborhoods the application that the delegation of control systems of frequency of crimes of reports of crimes of situational circumstance that lead to breaking the law comes from a specific class structure or jurisdiction the area which is considered a high crime area the application of mentality to the appropriate cause the application of educational level of upbringing of duties to perform of cases brought before the courts of appropriateness of language dress culture and religion according to the Constitution according to the patriot act and the apparent threat of crime a century of juvenile Justice Rosenheim Zimring tannenhous and Dorn The allocation that the youth of today are not given in to ancient times and she should be imposed that education should be stressed as well as rehabilitation for drugs for offences for general family encumbrances the allocation of placement in foster homes should be done carefully the allocation of boarding homes of group homes of hospitalization of mental checks and assessments and the appreciation that modern-day society offers a lot more then the 50s or 60s or 70s could allow for children to be assessed and processed there’s a lot more computerization a lot more technical aspect two cars to refrigerator stoles to the general household appliances environment but the child is involved in Schools workplaces people places that much I would visit with video games with influences upon behavior upon mental characteristics upon the marks the needs of the fixations of the child of the delegation of that environment as being substantial and holistic to growth development and functioning as well as stability and engineering the delegation of The law as it is applied in many cases to control to relieve to propose functioning levels for the future involvement in society in communities in life the adaptation of correctional control to determine self-worth to determine the possibility of success in the future the adaptation of looking at the this thing notion of correctional centers detention centers group homes and the aspect of minimal security and the delegation of the overall aspect of military and overall service to the community as well as functioning levels of education and motivation of group leaders of community leaders of teachers of aspirations of students of the delegation of school shootings of the abundance of positioning to act in that situation to protect to function accordingly and the reaction of the responsibility placed upon children at a young age to delegate their meals they schooling the rest times they play times this social abilities the responsibilities to the siblings if any and responsibilities to community the delegation of the appropriate measures for the functioning level of spelling bees of competition such as races of robotic competitions of dance competitions of sports and of community involvement the aspect of global interaction in activities in raising money and charities in the aspect of participation and knowledge of creativity On the topic of the current situation in Greiman situation in Canada US the judicial system the dictation system yes but it is been reported numerous occasions that the children school have a high dropout rate that there is a tendency to for them to adhere to policy of playing with weapons but they should not have access to that there’s a tendency to drink an early age to abuse drugs alcohol cigarettes and to recently abuse confectionaries Pop Candy to produce a high the allocation of disrespect for parents grandparents and disobedience the adaptation of more college grades of drinking on campus of drinking and driving the adaptation of violence among themselves suicide abuse of ADD ADHD The current situation of prescription drugs abuse the adaptation of obesity of over eating of the tendency to be pregnant at an early age the allocation of utilizing for knowledge gained and not utilizing the knowledge properly the allocation of chat rooms of pornography of bullying and the realization that calm and tact is needed to foretell situations that can cause doom
To add this we have the SIDS be input death rate the infection rate of children me that the group together in public places groups of them leaving the same there eating the same food exchanging languages with each others interacting and the gift of prophecy by Ruth Montgomery Read book about Jeane Dixon put forth the argument that she may have had a preoccupation with death in the sense of you can have the avid interest in it and dwell in it or you can live a life time promoting it with the acceptance of her life style other people in the fact that she was well loved it was taken into consideration what she said because she was excepted by her peers even though it caught them off guard this gave her advantage in the realm of cause and effect which resulted in her becoming almost famous for her portrayal of the negatively controlled adult the negativity in the infatuation with death continued throughout her life and throughout her prophecies stooping only at times to consider able lifespan and calculate what areas could be covered within for certain procedures to take place this resulted in negative outlooks for countries for world leaders for people that she knew personally and the fact that she was upheld in the Catholic Church resulted in me a jolt saying to err is human to forgive is divine seeing that she made the mistake of being infatuated with the negative world which is the world of the Occult and spread its prophecies affecting the old sick and naive even strangers. The idea is if you predict something that is troublesome usually you provide a solution to that trouble an idea remedy a concept a prediction a alternate route but Jeane Dixon and her infatuation with Death and negativity only pointed out that the event would happen and did not provide any resolve even though she was asked at times following been asked to provide relief

Epiphany in Web Application mode showing Wikip...

Epiphany in Web Application mode showing Wikipedia’s Main Page (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The difference between analyzing and forecasting predictions and predetermination the application of looking at what it takes to have a good wholesome outlook on particular aspects of disease the application of looking at the different types of microscopic entities to create within itself a possibility or number of possibilities for options the application of looking at the mathematical constraints the possibilities involved in calculations the science involved the application of looking at the idea of law-enforcement and law and legal  legalities the application of looking at the court system for the Discovery and evidence of the application be adaptation of looking at nature and it’s infinite form for the publication and usage of confidential information due to the intrinsic value of plants and animals with atmosphere utilization of lab technologies due to humans The application of looking out be different format of it all coming together if I utilized ambition to formulate a webpage or a website with all the statistics characteristics video and audio detail due to the integrated value of the website and the information that is put there to create a quick scenario for the utilization of the step towards automated not touring revitalization of automated treatments automated synchronicity with the computer to form a self-assembly of items letters criteria words sentences paragraphs to formulate a distinct knowledge pattern of correlated events that have big and relevance on the modern scientific and medical phenomena as well as the legal spectrum

Predeterminations predictions preventative measures


Constructing a scenerio from noticed and deciphered bits of information to formulate an educated opinion forecasting event which could possibly take place in future situations. With circumstances clues and inferences points and investigative science knowledge of previous situations advice and perception go hand in hand with deciphering at what time of day involvement and scenerios calculating actions camera angles and depth of perception knowledge of whereabouts visualizing and describing subject matter and constructing a predetermined course of action plotting a graphic representation of a 3D view of location along with approximations of time and duration locale and integration of movement from still pictures generated by thought inference to formalities and evidence.

Constructing a scenerio from instancesin time sonar and sonic readings and additives to generatea mental focusand picture stimulation of the visual and calculative processes and the mathematical work of determining what is possible and when along with discovery and collected knowledge and capabilities resolve your inquiry.




The aspect of counting continuing the aspects of life with regard to activities comments conversations detailed observance and certain liberties along with determining and deciphering reasoning/or lack of it actions circumstance situational changes and responses.



To construe a different form of logic rather than relying on the obvious rely on what is possible on a more extreme level.



Discover the intellectual process of relief from tension; tension can be caused by many factors- doubt- reluctance, unready , discomfort, humiliation, mistakes, but is resolved through a series of positive affirmations and the support of your surroundings –that is a comfort level.



In relinquishing what seems to be the pressures it is recognized that the process of making yourself prone to your own technique of thought presides with the notion of success as well as inner peace productivity change for the better and overall the wholesome approach to happiness.



The discovery that there can be processes of thought alternative to a logical stable confirmed thinking is to either become somewhat succumbed by its negativity or analytical of its content or even disturbed by the out come which is; in itself the product of a deviant action; lifestyle or person(s) who have created a process of a crime or discrepancy to further implicate themselves in a self destructive pattern.



The creation of a pattern of regulation with respect to the common good serve to create a chance for individuals who have certain rights and liberties, in order to keep them safe form undue harm.



To create responsibilities which in fact are solely capabilities of others to ascertain measure and judge their own actions responsive to change, interaction and moments of correlation the concentrated effort is recognized and therefore has the function of providing the onlooker; authorities and others with the proper measures to cause possibilities/ creations of thoughtful actions displacing certain actions over a given period of time over a wide area encompassing the width and breadth of any given area with the exact mapping placement of certain areas given that there has been activity in that area. A certain number of markers or a detailed manuscript of description as well as measurements including diagrams preamble and conclusion is required to instill the not -able consistency of certain actions which in fact proceed to create a more distinct notion that an event or set of events has happened will happen and can be construed in some cases to be happening at present.



This cannot be the only material used to construct a mental image or create a forum for verbal discussion.



To be more precise the colors shapes symbols and other material items such as personal belongings accessibility to certain criteria and information as well as the obtaining of objects distances traveled and supportively the combination of people organizations and overall relevance to community events public places and the capabilities seen and heard of; individuals in their appreciation of society its laws and combined effort.



In respect of examining or remembering past points of reference to continue or further recapitulate whether there is a process which is superimposed over the natural course of events.



The distinctions are- an either disorderly or orderly approach to creating an action movement of self or proposed object. The willingness to proceed and the manifestation of creating within itself either an established fact or set of ideals or moreover a notion of synthesized actions motions which propel the situation or circumstance into the exact sequence of events which have been derived at by not only continual usage but by continual habitation and consistent perseverance with regard to expressing continually the possibility of problematic conditions



With regards to the management of emotional concepts the predetermined destination- frame of mind-mental picture- expectations –observance- reality- combined knowledge- preferred outcome of event- details of actions words reflexes responses.



The arrival at the start of a procedure or response the exact moment of anticipating and deciding that the moment of observance is a point of reference to the action becoming a thought generated but realistic probability.



With respect to thought action words and deeds the active response is to assimilate information whether it has relevance and importance to the issue. To productively arrive at a conclusion it is noted that events described can be actual fact denoting events that might not happen for a considerable amount of time but are proposed to happen within reason.



The appreciation of having knowledge of perhaps the more crucial aspect of managing actions premeditation mens rea malice aforethought intense emotions such as fear/ timid ness anger/intense jealousy, or attachment and or hatred. The aspect of probable cause the addition of witnesses the elaboration of certain individuals with traits characteristics personalities the notability of concluding that overall certain occurrences are consistent with the circumstance relating to certain inadequacies or discrepancies with relation to whether the instance had the potential for positivism or negativity.



Deriving at a point of conclusive observation detailed analysis of projected imagery. what could happen; the odds of it, and the consistencies and inconsistencies of prolonged fixation. Fixation in a sense of obligation of mental processes in deliberation of what type of outcome is conceivable.



Coinciding with the notion that most actions are done purposefully with intention and with the analysis that there may be reactions



Also the positive factor of having made a judgment call a correct presumption a preventative measure creating a possible scenario with the outcome being realistic to the mental image which preceded it.



Finding a respectable response to what is being deliberated in the sense of an action being considered to be related to a process of thought internally or externally in a given environment.



The creation of an element of precise reasoning the aspect that imagination and creativity have relevance as parts of allied thought processes to the management of internal processes and analytical observation and thereby create new and predetermined possibilities as well as impossibilities.



Structure and formation of logical inference not to interfere with the processes of tactical displays but the remembrance of probable manifestations of deviations form actual patterns of reliable continuance. That as a whole and individually create a safe environment with aspect to the combinations mentioned as notions of achievement and reckoning.



Statements determination of guilt onlookers conditions timing relevance to other similar circumstances body of evidence creation of moment in time for prolonged observation statistics review probability participant(s) predicted images measurements all surround the body (of the situation )



Projected analysis of what can be considered to be a typical environment that has aim purpose and theoretical stability.



The determination of added responses to collect information relies on the knowledge of certain variables which coincide to create versatile events.


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    use of compuer technology A.I. DNA  RNA and configurations to predict possibilities.

    <body><p>use of compuer technology A.I. DNA RNA and configurations to predict possibilities.</p></body>
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