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Epidemiology the 10 leading causes of death in the world in 2012 were ischaemic heart disease stroke COPD lower respiratory infection trachea bronchus HIV-AIDS diarrheal diseases diabetes myelitis road injury and hypertensive over the past decade between 2000 2012 the leading cause of death was is Skeptic heart disease followed by stroke COPD lower respiratory tracheobronchitis HIV-AIDS diarrheal diabetes myelitis road injury hypertensive preterm birth and tuberculosis and 2012 estimated 56 billion people died with worldwide imagine a diverse international group of the 1000 individuals representative of the women men and children from all over the world who died in 2012 of those 1000 people 133 what would’ve come from low income countries 356 from lower middle income countries 302 from upper middle income countries and 209 from high income countries 143 would’ve been children under 15 years of age 407 adults 15 to 69 years Old and 450 adults age 70 years and older more than half 514 of these thousand ass would’ve been caused by the following conditions is Shamik cart disease stroke COPD low respiratory infection tracheobronchitis HIV-AIDS diarrheal diseases diabetes myelitis rolled injury hypertensive heart disease all from lower income countries middle lower middle income countries up a middle-income countries in high-income countries measuring how many people die each year why they died is one of the most important means along with gauging how diseases and injuries are affecting people for Sessingham the effectiveness of the country’s health system cause of death statistics help health authorities determine the focus for pro-public health auction actions a country where deaths from heart disease and diabetes rapidly rise over. Of a few years for example has a strong interest in starting a vigorous program to encourage lifestyle to prevent these illnesses similarly if a country recognizes that many children are dying of malaria bony a small portion of the health budget is dedicated to providing effective treatment because increase spending in this area high income countries have systems in place for collecting information on causes of death in the population many low and middle income countries do not have such systems of a number of deaths of us from specific causes have to be estimated from incomplete data improvements and producing high-quality cause of death data a crucial for improving health and reducing preventable deaths in these countries

Non communicable disease or NCD is a medical condition by which definition is not infectious I’m not transmissibletridium Perrin among people and NCDs may be chronic diseases of long duration of slow progression or they may result in more rapid deaths such as a sudden stroke they include autoimmune diseases heart disease stroke many cancers asthma diabetes chronic kidney disease osteoporosis outside the disease cataracts

Public health agency of Canada http://www.publichealth.GC.ca infectious diseases
Infectious diseases include antimicrobial resistance anthrax Avian influenza blood safety Brucellosis Campybacteriosis cholera C. difficile Clostridium botulinum or botulism clostridium per fringes CJD V CJD community acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus CA and MRSA Crimean Congo cryptococcosis cryptosporidiosis cryptosporiasis diphtheria elboa virus disease emerging respiratory pathogens and Enterovirus 71 Escherichia coli E. coli foodborne waterborne and zoonotic infections Giardiasis H1N1 flu virus H5 and one avian influenza 879 avian influenza hantavirus hemophilus influenzae type bhepatitis histoplasmosis HIV-AIDS human papilloma virus HPV influenza flu Japanese encephalitis legionella leptospirosis listeria monocytogenes Lyme disease lymphocytic choriomeningitis malaria Marburg virus disease measles meningococcal methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus M RSA Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus mumps Noreau viruses notifiable diseases pertussis whooping cough plague pneumococcal poliomyelitis psittacosis Q fever rabies Rift Valley fever ringworm Rocky Mountains spotted fever roundworm rubella samonella SARS scarlet fever sexually-transmitted infections STI shigellosis shingles herpes zoster simian foamy virus SFV smallpox tetanus toxoplasmosis trichinellosis tuberculosis tularemia typhoid Varicella viral hemorrhagic fever West Nile virus yellow fever

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