Finances,U of T Algorithm

Concept by Ashworth Medicine

Standing committee on finance House of Commons economic action plan 2014 at number one first of May 1 CPAC the application of The determinants of health from the Department of finance Ted Cook deciding upon the economic factors which revolve around different ministereal committees such as finance health transportation infrastructure etc. the application of a financial boost in the form of a circular flow of monies already allotted in the aspect of healthcare going from doctors to medications and treatments through to funding and from funding thrilled to new discoveries from college and innovation research and from research to companies medical companies and for medical companies to universities colleges hospitals and from universities colleges hospitals to students families the elderly disabled minorities diversity and from there to clubs aspects of groups parades fundraising charities and from charities looping back into research looping back into sport mechanisms for the elderly disabled and minorities families moving back into medications and treatments Dr. startups various treatments and Clinics and spirals into support mechanisms for each other with the input of new finances banking and salaries revenue and expenditure of funding be support mechanisms become super infused with activity and thereby a cash flow which is a surplus of reasonable gain The structure of the circular algorithm which would follow for the looping structure of game and financial worth the overall structure of the algorithm for the overall gain for government services for government ministerial relations and the aspect of overall finances for Canada Ontario peel surrounding municipalities provinces and the world


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