So here’s the familiar scenario to you be music scene and youth when it comes to music that is pumping beats that is hypnotic that is on the threshold of being on the edge when it comes to titles such as murder Inc. DEF jam and the labels which construe a type of music that is of the thug life when it comes to aligning yourself with that music that comes also with that decision the decision to stay away from another part of the culture which is drugs alcohol sex and violence there is marijuana use this crack use their is at times heroine use there is cigarette smoking there is alcohol abuse their sexual connotation they are beatings in Videos construed to represent the violence of Modern day they are suicides there murders of wrappers in the industry there’s dealings there’s crime there’s jail time there people before the court there’s the money aspect of things here’s the scenario a person who knows how do you get illicit drugs knows where the houses aware of the dealers of her has a vehicle that’s a vehicle with speakers built into the truck and decides he’s going to show off for a 21-year-old so he decides to pick him up when he’s only 16 to show him the vehicle and the effect of the music so they stand in the playground and he opens the trunk and the music Blares has rims has music and over the years and tases the young man to either sell drugs for him join a gang or become a user by the time is 21 the music is so hypnotic to him he does not realize your succumb to the thug life over that initial pick up a drive and the introduction to the music which is heard perhaps on the radio before but never that intensely later on at the drivers confession you admitted to slipping a pill of some sort he couldn’t remember what it was it to the drink of the young fellow before taking him to the playground to listen to the music so now we have a scenario that all. Strand of the children one of influence one of crime one of deceit one of doping the child I will let child want to don’t other children in the playground at a later state what a quad to the joint to getting or will he like so many others end up in jail under a lifelong charge of possession murder or if some crime he commits that is heinous enough to warrant a life sentence

And the pastor will tell you your trouble it is congregational her congregation there’s no people who left after each other there’s no sinning there’s no blasphemy there’s no abomination what he preaches is or he she preaches the doctrines of heaven and is congregation are the flock of them God he protects them keeps the nourishes them and they are his children of their children there is no lusting there is no illicit drug use there is no talking back to their parents there is no bad grades there is no going astray we all prayed to God and our saviour with just affiliation of some sort or another they tell people they have the churches they have the bingo in their fair is in their church bazaars and they’re baking and baseball and communities

So the police might be asking in their rounds if the trouble does not come from the church going to group the all knowing of good the defenders of the church that repels powers of evil if the knowledge of the biblical days where Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed at the declaration that it was evil at people who blaspheme against God are destroyed at the beast of blasphemy which has many heads at the horn of the beast which seem to control the entire negation
How is it that the children know what’s good for what’s evil what experiences do they have and you might hear someone say well there was someone who live down the street who we thought was unsavoury or remember that kid who tried to do such and such or there was someone who… Many will say we taught them from the bible and you might say at this point that the Bible says do not look at the moat and your brothers Eye notice the beam in your own that I look and judge at other people sinning for you yourself may be the ultimate sinner but it also says do not covet thy neighbours goods do not bear false witness and we are told to not follow the multitude to do evil…

Yet time and time again a child will come to you and say mommy or daddy the pastor told us we are all sinners I heard someone say That man is basically evil and if money is the root of all evil why do you work for a job for money why do we need money to live someone once told me that God has to like or love you even if you do something bad and are a sinner but God will save you and take you to heaven?

So it comes down to the point of the innocence of the youth who can influence what is cool to do what what extremes will we go to to see that our children are safe what plans do we have for the future how much do we oversee their care and where are the parents when they get in trouble are they nearby are they at work are they giving someone else’s child and example of what an upright citizens should be like do they represent wholly The type of family God is talking about having with him in heaven
So between those two extremes we either have peace at times but then there is the chaos the chaos of robberies of shootings of nice things of child adduction of murder of illicit drugs of trafficking of hijacking Terrorist activities child soldiers of renegade armies of kidnapping which brings on disease all of that brings on disease which plagues bank kind in different forms and format and we cannot figure out that the stress brings on the flu like symptoms was trigger for illness or virus and that the stress must be done away with by doing away with the illegal criminal activity the purpose which causes everyone stress so when you exert yourself to some degree press the point of consideration for others past the point of reasonable control pass the point of moral integrity you become sick and breathing of others you pass it on Angie if you’re will is strong in that situation you could probably affect many people but there are those who see it coming and have the common sense of dignity not to ignore the problem or as they say exacerbated but to defend with a common dignity moral of the geisha to see fit the definition of good and evil the possibility that the purpose of law is to do away with evil however it may present itself in any form structure or spirit of as we see a priest praying with rosary beads we know but the forces of evil directly affect those on higher ground as well as a lesson from Moses the sermon on the mount the burning bush and the 10 Commandments as well as the battle in heaven over good and evil the safety and higher ground of the garden of Eden and the ark floating above the rest with the dove bringing back an olive branch…God bless Noah and his family for preserving the word of God as they were the last on earth we all come from the same tree.

So when adults talk and televisable days of oppression be at slavery be at extinction be at concentration camps be at riots be at protests when they talk about recessions in poverty and having to make ends meet when they talk about wars and they talk about who are the good guys enjoyed the bad guys keep in mind that if you influence your youth to take the side of the past or to take sides at all if you do not influence them to have open minds and to learn about their own generation to learn lessons from what The world has to offer from to see the bigger picture if you do not allow them to acknowledge that Christ himself was tempted by the devil as he prayed if you do not realize the regions of how for evil can construe itself to become a part of your life if you do not take heed and realize that the only hope is to stay in school become intelligent become intelligence and adhere to policies of higher understanding with no violence or acknowledgement of becoming a wrong doer then all will be lost…. Where is the ark now?When we are drowning in sin we look to the arc of the covenant because if you look to the sky for signs and wonders
You’ll see a rainbow and nowadays… We’ll know who stayed on the straight and narrow… The path to righteousness in the final days


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