University multidisciplinary studies

The first document was the software implementation and be noninvasive method of Camera photography display of body systems and new film to be produced be second document was be minimally invasive method of teleportation and holograms and In view of the fact that there is needed a massive realignment of priorities when it comes to the status of noninvasive and minimally invasive medicine mechanisms which coincide to create the correct scenario for the delegation of medicine to proceed in this matter would be to turn the MRI or to use the self assembly topography installed to perform methods of surgery as well as teleported instances of translation transfixion at juxtaposition The application of overlays out teleported substances of flash translations of transference of exacting detail of illustration of supportive mechanisms of natural organic synthetic whatever composition is needed for the delegation of the teleportation transfer to take place from the camera film with you specially made for individuals a personalized medicine to the delegation of the body itself the patient transferred to detail is dependent upon the sophistication of complex ideology in the manufacture of the film itself the priorities involved in holographic’s in pharmacology nano medicine in the care and translation of teleported substances to the body teleported out of the body through molecular biology and imagery the application of details of microscopic criteria within the brain and body systems The application of looking up scaffolds for the rebuilding the bone tissue muscle circulatory veins and arteries heart muscle and organs throughout the body and the brain scan all areas to be included in scaffold reconstruction repair and regeneration The rejuvenation and restructuring the reanimation of cells of DNA RNA a microscopic criteria within the body of telomeres of intrinsic circumstances of commands signaling communication that are required for be delegation of homeostasis of movement of the senses of details of thought memory collaborations such as movement reflexes responses emotions and recall the adaptation of looking at The details of circumstances to do with anatomy to do with physiology epidemiology and physiology be at adaptation of looking at the course of events happening within the body resistant to disease resistant to manipulation mutations and change that would render it malignant or the notion that there can be within that structure of videos/papers audio books journals within the detailed analysis of microscopic criteria lies the complete structure of regeneration resuscitation and revival in the intricate world of medicine so the camera intricate and detailed will have film that is proper and contextual comprised of needed materials to be transferred or teleported to the needed area of the body in question should of a whole body scan is possible with applications of pharmacology nano medicine natural organic synthetics whatever’s necessary to replace to repair or to calibrate with the replacement repair mechanism taking multiple fast pictures takes on a new meaning with the self assembly being accelerated with each frame laser healing adaptation with surgical glue and adaptations of healing powders


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ASHWORTH MEDICINE-Professional Medical Assisting, Doctor of Science,Legal Assistant Diploma BSc Criminal Justice PhD Computational Neuroscience MD DSC Epigenetics
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