Good examples

It is hoped that lessons learned from observing behaviors and adapting correct mannerisms will be applied throughout the globe to young people looking for mentors of examples but they can live by the appreciation of the military police in Canada sending supplies to Ukraine nonlethal for their protection and prevention of injury The application of Canada living the role as peacekeepers in the situation through that methodology and theory and practice and conceptual ideology The application of peacekeeping in this case should be applied to the application of looking for an example from young people of their eradication of bullying and of strong-arm tactics it is hope that young people throughout the globe the Western world as well as Europe and the Middle East will take an example and not throw stones or missiles not behave erratically in the streets and righteous behavior and recognize that the authorities of forces police forces the armies are there for protection be it territorial be it universal be it global an escalation of of anger and a misunderstanding at any point can lead to a disruption in me before mechanism which keeps our moral objectives clear and precise


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ASHWORTH MEDICINE-Professional Medical Assisting, Doctor of Science,Legal Assistant Diploma BSc Criminal Justice PhD Computational Neuroscience MD DSC Epigenetics
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