Dream interpretation

Had a dream last night about eggs potatoes onions green onions Green peppers red peppers tomatoes pepper Mrs. Dash Black pepper corn beef ham all mixed together in a heap pancakes with sausage and maple syrup on the side Cut up and Boil the potatoes for six minutes in the microwave place oil in the pan frying pan place potatoes on top let them Friday cover over let them fly for three minutes turn them over let them fry again for additional three minutes cube tomatoes ham onion green pepper red pepper green onion and place over potatoes and fried them after cubing let fry cover over for five minutes stirring occasionally place combination to the side of the Fryingpan and put corn beef on the other side mash it down fry cover over the summer when juices are at their peak make a circle in the middle and let it stew down until a little bit of juices left place the combination at one side of the flag and put eggs on the other side 6 to 12 place favorite flavor of Mrs. Dash on top smothering eggs and wait till eggs are halfway cooked then begin mixing in from the other half of the pan and stir until completely mixed in

The application of keys a combination lock like apparatus with instead of a combination a flat surface for the key to be inserted from above so will be locking mechanism would have a heart like appearance with the top of the heart being flat for the key to be inserted the keys himself were like Drillbits without that flat part for handle the application being that be correct chemistry for the key to be acknowledged had to be acknowledged by the lock itself will be chemical component of the key was present with a adaptation to correct chemistry and formulation

As for the quick “relation to science and medicine of this concept of locks and mechanisms of keys you had a patient that the surface of cells as examples has a lock and key mechanism for interpreting incoming receptors the adaptation that the correct chemistry must be formulated and applied for the locking mechanism to be effective whether it be cardiac muscle whether it be sugars entering the cells whether it be insulin receptors whether it be proper maintenance of medications used to monitor and to encourage heartbeat health and frequency

Also it can be designed a metal heart or a mannequin like heart for cardiac simulated surgeries with the chemicals being introduced to perform different tasks the heart responding to sensors and the management of cardiac capability sure medication two treatments true reconstructive surgery can be actualized in the lab and then teaching

Also with the correct chemical formula can open the lock or passageway determining microscopic factors determining opening sequences combinations and key like sequences into opening up a leverage for escape or four particles to create new scenarios the adaptation of valves opening blocks removing adipose tissue and repairing damaged tissue


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ASHWORTH MEDICINE-Professional Medical Assisting, Doctor of Science,Legal Assistant Diploma BSc Criminal Justice PhD Computational Neuroscience MD DSC Epigenetics
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