Rocket experiment necessary

If you expect of radioactivity of pollution seems far-fetched imagine it defusing into my new particles I’m been filtering through the air to certain places such as Farms with farm animals or the ocean with fish or through an open window where the babies room is being monitored microscopic particles of bacteria within the body except the radioactivity trace amounts of pollution and combined to form a mutation with that body which contributes to disease state viruses the list of diseases and it be in the document written on rocket experiment do you have a patient but the genes them selves could be affected but a gene from a person’s got or the digestive system could affect autism or affect the brain systems be at a patient of antibiotics of bacteria that cause brain connection slide outs connections the chemical components of the braid to fire the adaptation of utilizing The combination of elements to look at different fields of medicine to combine to combat also some neurological disorders within the framework of looking at the whole body as a target for the disease to manifest itself or the eldest to manifest itself for the disorder to bed effectuate so instead of looking at separate parts book up the combination of elements and the effect of the ecosystem or environment the effect of the atmosphere covered by the ozone layer kept them by a layer of me food and gas blowing winds that contribute to cloud probation acid rain and be out of Tatian of rain forests big exposed of deserts big exposed of various cities big exposed to weather conditions that carry over the globe a situational change of adverse affects the great melting pot and the effect but a Geiger counter would look for large amounts of radioactivity instead of looking at the effect that a small tiny trace amount of pollution and radioactivity can affect a child’s mental status and brain development in fetus in vitro in vivo and in developmental stages of birth as well as infant and adult and elderly


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ASHWORTH MEDICINE-Professional Medical Assisting, Doctor of Science,Legal Assistant Diploma BSc Criminal Justice PhD Computational Neuroscience MD DSC Epigenetics
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